Event Name: Prankster Prince’s Favor

Reward: Pick Ticket ×5/Others

Event-limited Avatar: Heart Crystal/Radiant Heart Crystal

Time Estimate: couple days

Recommend: ★★2

Step By Step Guide To Do White Day Event

First, you need to go to event square and find the NPC – soldiers of castle Cohard:

avabel white day event NPC-soldiers-of-castle-cohard-2

Our country’s prince loves pranks, and every day, we are all having a difficult time with that. Can you help me?

Talk to him, and you will be transferred to the map – Cohard Castle.

avabel online event map cohard-castleA bunch of NPCs out there. Talk to the childish NPC prankster prince cohard:

avabel white day event prankster-prince-cohard NPC

I changed all the names of the monster on the stadium map. There are names of monsters that have false names, so you have to find monsters with real names and beat 10 of the right ones. Can you do it?

Well, such a childish and foolish prince. Anyway, from here, you will run multiple times to the stadium map and take down the right monsters, you can talk to the Claire, she will transfer you there:

avabel white day event NPC servant-Claire

Take Down List: (prince’s favor series)

  • 1 – NEO Albero, Big Tree Monster, Orc, Albero
  • 2 – 10 Nelace
  • 3 – Batapen, Dotapen, Little Sis Monkey, Hyokopen.
  • 4 – Mills Golem
  • 5 – Gold Kodora

Please note, the Gold Kodora is not that big one, it is the golden color with a very quick movement speed lizard.

ultimate Kodora
ultimate Kodora not golden

Part 2 – Rescue Claire

After done the first part, you will be told that Claire was captured by the adjacent country. It seems that Cohard country was being invaded by the enemies.

Talk to the NPC – receptionist for cohard castle defense line to get the defense quest. Now run the dungeon with others:

NPC receptionist-for-cohard-castle-defense-line


Report the quest, you will get Medal for Cohard Castle’s Defence ×30 and Pack Tic x 5.

Their invasion stopped, as from the report, they seem to be incubating at the volcano. It looks like they are capturing Claire there.

Ok, so this is the clue. Talk to Rescuing Claire Receptionist do the event dungeon, here we suggest you do it with others, as the final boss Alec is a bit hard for avarage players.

The dungeon reward box contains the “certificate for contributing in rescuing Claire” which is necessary item for exchange the goods from NPC.

Part 3? Or Done?

Well, till here it seems all quests are cleared, and the only left thing is the event reward: some valuable items and avatar.

You can choose run “Rescue” or “Defence Line” as you wise, or even both. Use extra certificates and medals to trade goods from the NPC, list as below:

  • Heart Crystal = certificates ×90
  • Radiant Heart Crystal = certificates ×90 + Heart Crystal ×1
  • Balloon Head Box  = medals ×45
  • Heart Balloon Head(6 color) = medals ×60 + above material
  • ORB remover 100 ×30 c
  • ORB Box ×30 c
  • BOSS ORB Box ×70 c
  • crysta case extension book R ×50 m
  • element case extension book R ×50 m
  • evolution gangue ×50 m
  • emerald mellow statue ×10 m

I think the last due data of this event, the people will save the Claire and the childish prince will grow up lol.

We kindly thinking this event is just boring as hell, made for time killing and trolling us players from Asobimo lol. It cannot compete with the Chocolate event by all means.



avabel white day event limited avatar Heart-Crystal

Radiant-Heart-Crystal-avatar: (shinning)

avabel white day event limited radiant-heart-crystal-avatar

Heart-Balloon-Head-avatar-red: (total 6 colors)

avabel online white day event Prankster Prince's Favor