Welcome to this ultimate beginner guide for Avabel Online, if you are a newcomer and no idea what to do, feel a bit frustrated, overwhelmed about the game system, you come to the right place!

This long guide will help you step by step to become an expert in no time! It will include everything you need to know when you first time plays this game, please have the patience to read the whole article or feel free to jump to specific part use the content table pointers below if you are confident about some parts!

Whoever first time play a complicated game like MMORPG Avabel Online, people should feel a bit overwhelming. In a standard case, such online games are often designed to be complicated enough and have unlimited in-game features to explore for different level players.

Usually, one has to spend enough time to learn the basics through the way, and a ton of time to dig them in and out of the game system.

Now you are already in the Avabel World; you have no idea what to do; which class to choose; what those buttons mean on the screen; where to find the Quest tutor; how to start playing it in a right direction, etc.

Relax! You come to the right place, all in one beginner guide is below, let’s start:

Content Table Here

1, How to download this game?

2, Get familiar with the game home screen.

3, Build your first character!

4, Finish your first quest in this game.

5, Choose your first class.

6, What are STR, INT, VIT, MEN, and DEX anyway?

7, How to equip and level your skills?

8, Sky practice field guide.

9, Grassland trail field.

10, Welcome to the avabel online world, are you ready?

11, Let’s tackle all settings and interface of the game.

12, So what’s next you should know?

13, Let’s walk through the first 3 floors together.


1, How to download this game?

Even though you may already kill some mobs, this part aims to help those first time hear the game or watched videos on Youtube and entirely no idea what to do next.

It is straightforward to get the game, for free. Let’s assume you are using either an Android device or iOS one, for example, iPhone or iPad. (in this guide, we will use an iPhone 6 to illustrate you step by step with images, Android devices have similar process so no need to mention again)

First, let’s find the App Store on your screen and press it(Google Play for android phones):

iphone 6 home screen - how to download avabel

After that, search “Avabel” in the store search bar and press go, you will see like this:

download avabel online in the app store

We already downloaded it so here it shows an “open,” on your side, it should be a “get.” now hit “get” and it will auto download the app for you, this is a free app.(if it needs to input the password, just do it)

After successfully download, the game icon will appear on the screen of your smartphone, welcome to the new world!

2, Get familiar with the game home screen.

Now launch Avabel on your phone, you should wait for 1 minute to let the game load the environment, after that the game is ready to play and shows like this:

first time play avabel online

Two buttons on this screen: Menu and Shop.

The menus button has some options:

  • Batch Data DL: this will download all the game material files to your phone all in one time, this technique is standard on modern mobile online games design, as no one would like to download a 10G App first time right? So introduce players a minimal size app and let it auto retrieve the data when necessary it good for company and users. I hope such explanation is easy to understand enough, anyway, we highly suggest not press this now.
  • Delete Cache: this option will remove all cached data about this game, in most cases, no need to do this!
  • Options: this button will invoke the in-game settings like graphics, sound, control, etc. We will talk about this later, no need to use it as of now.
  • Customer Support: the basic FAQ and terms related, no much use anyway
  • News: news, events, shop notices, etc.
  • Contact/FAQ: this will open the contact form, use it when you encounter game issues. Please note, they will never answer you anything related the game system, like how to get good weapons, no way! Better check our FAQ page to solve your problems.
  • Account: you can use this function to register the Asobimo account, use this account you can log in with any devices, its recommended to do this in case any bad things happen to your smartphone.

3, Build your first character!

Enter the game, click “create” to build your first character in Avabel! Either choose “male” or “female” as your gender, click confirm. It promotes you a name board, now tap to input your role name, press ok. In this example, we chose a male character and named him “avawiki”:

avabel build a new character

Now select this new character and click login in:

first time into the gameCongratulations! Your first character is born! Now let’s follow the beginner tutorial and talk to the NPC “Faine,” the background of the story is you are an outsider and wandered into this place, Faine is training the newbies inside the tower here and only left the weak monsters around, so it’s your lucky day!

Faine says you have significant potential compared with other trainees and invite you to attend the training. Since we have no way to refuse, let’s see what she can bring up to you.

She will give you the necessary weapon, armor, some medicine to get you start.

From the screen, you can see other 3 NPCs:

  • Training Auditor Kamu
  • Quest Manager Roy
  • Class Change Jessica

4, Finish your first quest in this game.

First thing need to do in this RPG game is talk to the NPC Training Auditor Kamu, use virtual analog in the left hand to move around, you can quickly master the control so we will not write too much about this topic.

The screen now maybe a bit overwhelming to you, all buttons jammed together and you have no idea what are those, no worry! We will soon cover all of these, so let’s follow the wizard first and talk to the Kamu.

Kamu tells you some basic control like touch and slide on the empty screen area to change camera direction; pinch in/out to zoom out/in.

Now pointer change to the Quest Manager Roy, go and talk to him:

Clearing Quest will allow you to climb up the tower or get all dressed up.

avabel first quest

Roy gives you a practice quest – Defeat 3 Leaf Liz. Click accept button to enroll this quest. Now it is on your ongoing list, go to kill three green lizards outside use the attack button on the right-hand screen of your phone, it’s easy.

Whenever you finish a quest requirement, a green reminder is going to show below the touch screen to tell you the status done. This feature is handy, and you do not need to check the quest list again and again.

Now report back to Roy, reportable button now in yellow color means you have done at least one quest. Report it and get your reward! You will receive some EXP, JEXP, HP&SP potions.

5, Choose your first class.

You successfully reached the level 5! Another quest comes up – Change Class.

Anytime you finish an achievement in the game. It will prompt you a frame like below:

achievement in avabel

There are many achievements in this game, click here to check all quests and achievements.

Let’s talk to NPC Jessica:

avabel NPC Jessica class manager

Novice can change a class from Lv5. Various skills can be acquired depending on your class. Such as warriors that prefer in close combat and Magicians that attack with magic power.

After this, you are going to the class selection screen:

avabel class selection screen

There are total 8 base classes on this screen: Warrior, Rogue, Ranger, Creator, Magician, Acolyte, Wanderer, Revenger. Free free to choose your love job, you can preview 3 skills of each base class. Do not forget you can change the class as many times as you like before you reach level 30. This setting is handy because many new players often cannot decide which one to choose, this gives you enough time to make your final decision.

In this example, we will choose warrior as it is one of the most common jobs in the game.

Now report back to Roy again, 2 more quests come up. For us, first one is the follow of class change, Roy will celebrate your difference and give you an equipment Kaiser.

how to equip a weapon in avabel

Open the Chara ⇒ Equip and find this two-hand sword Kaiser, click equip. Wow! You have learned how to equip a thing!

6, What are STR, INT, VIT, MEN, and DEX anyway?

The second quest left in there is Distribute Status. You can quickly do this by select Chara ⇒ Status:

how to add status points in avabel

Click status up, now if you belong to the physical classes like a warrior, you should distribute points to STR, DEX or merely mix them. For a magic job like a magician, better add the status points to INT to deal more damage by cast skills.

Each level you gained will earn you 2 points, Avabel Max level cap is 100, that means, you can get 2 × 99 = 198 status points total. (yes there are a lot of other ways to gain extra points.)

Explanation of each status as below:

STR (Strength): Affects ATK

INT (Intelligence): Affects MATK

VIT (Vitality): Affects DEF and HP

MEN (Mentality): Affects MDEF, SP, and SP recover speed

DEX (Dexterity): Affects MIN ATK and Critical Rates

Same as class change, up until level 30, you can reset it unlimited times and redistributed as you wish from the Class Manager NPC, after you beyond this cap, you have to use a “Restatus Scroll” which is expensive enough in avabel.

As we chose a warrior, we will consume all points to STR in this role and report back.

7, How to equip and level your skills?

Now it seems we have finished all the quests in the training base, we can see a Rookie Trainee not far away, he was scared by the lizard, well, grow up kid!

The quest cursor now points your direction to an altar teleport, an NPC named Trainer Benan is standing there. Talk to him:

This shiny pillar is called “portal,” and it is a sign for next field.

Before doing that, let’s learn how to utilize our character skill and how to level, get new skills.

Click Chara ⇒ Skill. In our example, it shows warrior’s skill and should be your class skill dashboard on your side. If you click the class name which has a triangle aside, it then displays the Novice skill list like below:

avabel novice skills

You can see a small “S” showed on some skills icons, that means this skill is equipped as a shortcut on screen already. Drag down a bit, and you can see four more skills:

  1. Skill boost: consume Jexp and enhance all skills effect for fixed time. This is very useful in this game, as it will highly raise your damage, only you should spend Jexp each time you use this skill, no need to shortcut it though.
  2. Planning Lv1: Another important skill every player should learn it, lets first spend 100 Jexp to acquire it. Now it shows in a light style, and with a skill master text on it. This means you can not improve it anymore; it has only 1 level, you reached the point. When you activate it, your total EXP earned will increase 30% during the effective time, a must-have skill.
  3. First Aid: only level 1 skill, useless to tell the truth, it heals too less amount of HP.
  4. Armors Costume: This can be useful for an expert player, as it can change your armor in one click, for example, in PVP. For a newbie player, you have no use for it.

novice skills - skill boost, planning, first aid, armors costume

Feel free to shortcut any of above skills. You can even use Planning now.

Small tip: before submitting your quest, keep this skill activated, and you will gain more EXP!

Now switch back to your main class dashboard, for us, warrior. Choose any skills you love to learn and spend Jexp to learn it; you can even level up a specific skill. Most class skills can be leveled up to 10, and some skills have limitation like 5.

Level 10 skills often have a branch when you reached level 6, so choose your branch wisely, or you have to use a “Reskill Scroll” which is expensive.

Till here, you should be ready to the next level, let’s walk into the “Sky Practice Field” portal.

8, Sky practice field guide.

sky practice field guide

Roy is waiting for you along with some unknown mobs. He tells you monsters here are tough, cooperate with other adventurers. If you feel danger, use the red button “Evade” skill to dodge attacks of mobs.

There are should some other players right now, so accept the quest and help each other to defeat a Petit Jabbawock now! It is easy enough.

After report back, you can try to talk with NPC trainer Ker. She will teach some basic knowledge of this game, for instance, the green bottle is HP recovery, while the blue one is SP potion, you can also put them on shortcut screen for emergency usage.

Quest cleared on this floor, now walk through this field and say goodbye to these lovely mobs, enter into the portal.

9, Grassland trail field.

You are teleported to a new place: Grassland Trail, where seems Faine is waiting for you already.

grassland trail field quest

She wants to teach you something: buy an HP recovery S from the item shop, Selia. Talk to NPC Selia on the wagon and purchase an HP potion, report back to Faine.

Next Quest is “Use the Storage.” When your bag is full, you can’t pick up items anymore, so better deposit some goods to your storage box, or directly sell some useless things to clear your bag.

Talk to the Storage Manager Ellen and get this quest done.

Small tip: your characters under the same account will share the storage box, this is a handy feature.

The last step in this map is talking to the NPC Transferrer Foehn. Till now, you finally have finished all the beginner tutorials, click yes to move to the entrance.

10, Welcome to the avabel online world, are you ready?

Finally, you made it! Welcome to the new world! Now seeing a lot more players around you should make you much more excited right?

revere base screenshot

Finally, you made it! Welcome to the new world! Now seeing a lot more players around you should make you much more excited right?

Even you have finished the newbie tutorial; you may still feel more confused as there are still much more things need to clear. What should you do next? What do these buttons mean on the screen? What are those NPCs for?

Don’t worry. We will help you step by step to clear all of this.

First of all, to let you get a more clear clue about this game, let’s talk about the game background. The story of this game is ridiculously simple, a tower named “avabel” suddenly appeared, unlimited monsters came out, and people had to fight back.

So that’s all about this game, you don’t need to worry about the complicated background like WOW, Diablo series, etc. Instead, every player in this game just tries to climb the tower as high as possible, nothing else! And we are not joking. BTW, the highest floor in this game till now is 39.

So even if you feel a bit overwhelmed now, you will soon get over it. All you need to do is clear the floor quests in each floor map, all other maps in this game and NPCs are somewhat supporting your goal.

Some players may be claimed game system is complicated, but it is not. After you spend some time, you will get a clue of what we say.

So do not afraid anything, you can make it, its damn easy, even for a seven years old kid.

In the next part, we will tackle the screen interface of the game; you will know all the buttons and what they are means.

11, Let’s tackle all settings and interface of the game.

avabel game settings

  • Green Sphere: show your current level and EXP
  • HP bar: current health point
  • SP bar: current mana point
  • Shop Box: every time you purchase an item use real money in the shop, you receive items here.
  • Shop: the in-game shop, you can purchase a ton of things includes weapon, armor, useful items, etc.
  • Bag: your character bag
  • Change Emotion: you can switch between the emotions and skills on your right-hand shortcut area.
  • Vertical Screen: change the screen to vertical
  • Quest Order List: quick link to your quest status
  • Achieve: achievements list of player role
  • Mail: receive or send letters to other players

avabel dialog box

  • Main Dialog Box: this area shows all dialog channel in the game, you can turn each of them on or off, even drag to enlarge or shrink it.
  • Green Bar: your device battery
  • Record Button: record function and upload your video to Lobi service, you can also watch others videos there.
  • Map: minimap, you can tap to enlarge it.

character settings in avabel

  • Status: you can check status of your character
  • Bag: open your bag
  • Equip: your equipment interface
  • Avatar: role avatar suit interface
  • Skill: open your class skill menus
  • Emotion: all emotion actions here
  • Quest: check all your quests
  • Achieve: achievement list

community options in avabel

  • Profile: your profile details
  • Friends: friend list
  • Party: current party detail
  • Guild: your guild information
  • Mail: open mail function
  • Request: party request, friend request, guild request.
  • Black List: you can blacklist other players, up to 50 numbers.
  • Chat Log: chat logs in a given time frame

option settings in avabel

  • Config: in-game configurations see below
  • Channel: change channel from 1-10
  • News: latest news&events of the game
  • Log Out: log out to the open screen
  • Shop: see above
  • Shop Box: see above
  • Help BK: help book of the game
  • GM mail: compensations from GM

system settings in avabel

  • Case: crystal case and element case
  • Bonus: Avabel give every character login bonus, for example, you will receive 7 items at maximum by logging in the game every day, you can also check all logins bonus belong to this role.
  • Bonus Eff: your bonus effect like drop rate, EXP&JEXP increase rates.
  • Collect BK: collection book, useless.
  • Pet Book: all pets you owned
  • Monster BK: all monster defeated by your account.

detail options under configuration in the avabel

  • Graphic: change game graphics settings
  • Sound: music, sound effects, voice
  • Control: game control settings
  • Chat: /
  • Mini Map: /
  • Default: if you screw some settings, try to turn it back to default.

BTW, do you know how to chat in avabel?

avabel online how to chat guide

Click “Say” button below the window, and click “Talk” button to input words, if you wanna change the channel, just press “say” to change to let’s say your guild channel. Only specific channel can see what you said. You can even preset some sentences for quick use.

12, So what’s next you should know?

Till now, you have a solid knowledge base about this game, the background story, the basic control, settings, skills and classes. Well, now you are not a noob anymore, you are ready to explore the game system even further.

There are only two more problems in front of you: what are those NPCs for and what to do next?

All NPCs have their functions in the game, some NPCs sell your stuff like potion, weapon, armor, while others may provide other supports like enchant, craft, enhance your items. Some NPCs solely for events. This is not rocket science, as a real-world community, everyone should have own place, right?

We will not talk every NPC in this beginner guide. Instead, we will list all NPCs and describe all their functions in Avabel here. You can check it for more info; this post is mainly for a starter.

The last question is what you should do now. Do you still remember the story? Yeah, you need to climb the tower, after you reached the 39 floor, you would have done all the main tower’s quests.

Your left things after then in this game would be fall in improve your character as stronger as possible.

For PVE players, you can first try to get your role rebirth eight times, build a good solid base both for skills and status; actively do daily achievement with others together to get more valuable items like evolution gangue stone, big Astra box, big Rune box, etc.

PVP players can train their skills by attending the PVP combat, you may need some average level types of equipment to defeat others, again, this is not necessarily needed, entirely up to yourself.

Hard work grinding can give you good result if you do not want to spend real money in the game. There are many ways to play this game; everyone has own perspective. All in all, if you feel happy, then its well worth it right?

13, Let’s walk through the first 3 floors in avabel together.

Good day young warrior! In this last chapter, we will walk you through the first 3 floors in this game. (total 39 floors till now)

A lot of readers told us to add this part, as they need more assistance. We will try to make this part as clear and short as possible 🙂

The most crucial NPC in this game is Faine; she gives you majority quests. So follow the pointer and talk to her. Faine wants you to enter the tower 1st floor – Sonaria.

Talk to “Elaine,” the first quest in this floor is “Defeat 10 Orcs”.

avabel 1F quest defeat 10 orcs

After you done and report back, wait, do you see the button”use gems to finish“? This option is a bit shady in our opinion. Because gems are not cheap and hard to get in a standard way, you have to spend real cash to get it. Spend valuable gems to finish such an easy quest is ridiculous.

This may work only for those with very few game experience and have enough money to waste around. This is also a trick to earn more revenue from the company view, we understand.

So ignore this thing and report your quest.

Follow the pointer, and you will see the Rooky Pet Breeder Mariette. She wants you to find five lizard scale, eight small feathers and 5 dirty cloth. These are drop items from the monsters in this floor, kill enough mobs and report back, you will get some pet food, its useless for you now, check pet page to get more info.

RE mob Orc

Next, we will find Trainer Bennan. Follow the instruction and kill an Orc RE mob, RE title is a rebirth monster, means it will get much stronger than a normal one, especially HP amount. However this time is easy enough, knock it down and report back.

Cool! You have cleared all quests on floor 1! Step into the portal and enter the floor 2 map – Wibos.

What a beautiful place! Tap the mini map on the right corner first; you can see total 4 NPCs with quests for you. Well, you indeed have choices to do only essential quests, but we highly recommend to do all the tasks, after floor 10, there would be only 1 NPC on each floor, so once for all!

Important tip: NPC Andy got a skill quest after you did this quest, he will give you a permanent skill – “Dash” which is a MUST skill for everyone, so at least try to finish this one.

How to get Dash skill in Avabel?

Andy’s Secret Technique need your collect 2 memory of grass first, after this you will be teleported to a place where full of “agile leaf liz,” kill all lizards and go back to Andy.

Ding! You got a new skill, but wait, where is it?! Don’t worry, click Chara ⇒ Skill, switch to Novice column, drag down and you will find it!

how to get dash skill in avabel

Enjoy this awesome skill!

Tailor Guilloux need 1 Red Pill and 1 Blue Pill; you need first collect 5 Red Nut and 5 Blue Nut which can be dropped from mobs on this floor. Take these back to the base NPC Synthesis Merris, and under the consumable category, you can find the Red&Blue Pill Recipe, produce it and report back.

return to base button in avabel

Extra tip: whenever you want to go back to the base outside in the central tower, click the green house icon “return to base” on the top left hand of your screen, its a handy function, you can use it unlimited times without spending anything.

Next, rob 8 Bird Claws to him and you will get a “Guilloux’s custom set,” hand this set back to the synthesis NPC again, drag down to the Avatars, you could see the Crimson Dress option, produce it.

Please note, you have to equip this avatar costume to finish the quest, so click Chara ⇒ Avatar, wear this avatar will change your appearance, cool!

You then get a chic red box as a reward. You can open it from your bag, and random weapon avatars will appear, try your luck!

open a red chic box in avabel

As you see, we get an Epee B, a dagger avatar, useless anyway, ah why not a two-hand sword!!

You may notice one thing here, avatars only change the visual appearance of a character, so it will not change any of your status or make you stronger, it just, for fun!

Small tip: whenever you see a “box” icon appear on your role head, it means you get something rare, maybe an avatar, unique items, etc. It does not necessarily mean valuable, but its rare in most cases, do not drop or trash these goods in the game, you may need it very bad for later gameplay.

Adventurer Claremmy is training himself, join him and kill 15 battlebee then report back. Not done yet, he wants you to kill a Battlebee RE mob too, do it.

2f boss in avabel big tree mob

Hint: you may encounter a large tree mob on this floor, see the above image. This is the floor BOSS, leave away from it! You can not kill it as of now, its way stronger than you, let alone, it does not drop any good things, only for quest purpose later.

The last quest in floor 2 is defeating a “petit Albero,” It is a boss child, weak enough to take down. Find and kill it. If you have no luck to find it in floor map, this always means other players have had it, you either wait for it respawns or uses a trick here: switch to another channel! Some channels have fewer players, for example, 567 channels often have fewer people than channel 1. By doing this, you can easily find a rare mob you want.

Hint: click options below the window, then choose a channel to switch.

Now say goodbye to Canmeri and step into the 3F Krips portal.

3f krips map avabel

Welcome to the Krips young soldier! Wow, music is stunning, game graphic textures are excellent, this map is so well made right?! Open the minimap; it seems 5 NPCs are ready to give you something to do.

Apprentice Blacksmith Ves: collect 10 Iron Piece for him first, then return to the base, buy a Craftsman’s Hammer from Item Shop Ponnie.

Talk to the Oswald and choose Enhance option, ignore others now as we will give a more thorough explanation of other places, those are not for a new player though. Select any weapon or armor you are wearing and enhance with Arios Ves gave you, ding! Your equipment must be leveled to max, and you are now more powerful than ever!

Adventurer Akutly: you have to kill four times Salmander. Although no need to form a party, with a group your partners kills also count for yours, so make your choice!

Hint: click comm ⇒ party and create a party by input your details, you can also join other parties.

After you cleared this quest, game pointer direct you to the 4F portal Vial, you can follow the tutorial, but here, as a complete guide, we are not going to do that. We will finish all left quests on this floor.

Scholar Liodore: the task here is a bit tricky for a newbie. You have to click Options, slide to the right, click Collect BK button, now analyze anything you do not need. This feature is useless; it will destroy the item you choose, and do nothing useful to you, only for collect hobbies.

Weep Sheep: the injured sheep need Red Pill medicine, you already know how to do this. Return to base and synthesize a red pill for it. Also, defeat 20 Brutal for it.

Till here, you have cleared all tasks on this floor, but wait, we bet you have come into a beast like below:

3F boss jabbawock

It is the Boss of this floor – Jabbawock, you can easily be knocked down by only one hit, so away from it! You may see another boss named “Greed,” it’s same, just subspecies version, and even stronger.

You can come back when you are strong enough, for example, reached level 50, but still, we do not recommend farm any bosses, because they have no good drops. (normal case)

You may also run into some monsters have “Core” text in their names, for instance:

core monster in 3f avabel

Such core monsters are a rare mob, they have much longer respawn period, so if you have trouble to find a core mob, try to switch channels.


A step further to go to 4F! What a long haul! Yeah, we know this ultimate beginner guide is too long. Since more and more people come into this game every day, they use a smartphone, PS4, PC, or even a Nintendo Switch, that’s why we hope this long tutorial can help those players with very few game experience.

We sincerely tried our best to cover everything a newcomer needs to know. The left is all up to you, are you ready for the new Avabel world, soldier?