Update: the dust settles, 0 bans on those accounts use the gold bug, but…check penalty details in the last paragraph!

Just around some hours ago, the biggest and severest bug in the Avabel Online history happened:

ANYONE can use advanced item shop NPC to get unlimited gold in the game.

Yes, we say, anyone, even a newly build character with 0 gold in his poor bags.

So how they found this bug?

No idea who found this bug first, but someone roaring on the channel and said buy a bunch of Evo liquid 12, you will get unlimited gold, after this, a ton of players rushed to the advanced item shop NPC and try the method. The scary thing is, it worked!

Let’s see the pictures below:

avabel gold bug - unlimited gold from Evo liquid

avabel gold bug - unlimited gold from Evo liquid image 2

avabel gold bug illustration

avabel gold bug, players got banned all

gold glitch in avabel online 2018/3/3

avabel gold ban, users got unlimited gold and avatars and awaken items

Text Explanation:

It’s very simple. Typically, Evo liquid is very expensive in this game. When you try to buy Evo liquid 9/10/11/12 in the advanced item shop, you should have enough gold to buy it.

But when you try to type any numbers worth more than 210M, it will wrong display a “−” symbol, and if you press OK button, the bug will happen! You will get a ton of gold. Just WTFFFFFF!!!!

After the first people revealed this, a lot of players go to leverage this bug and already got a lot of valuable items, which in a standard way some players maybe never can get it.

For example, Rift Stone 100R, Sot Release 100R and normal weapons with 11++. Some players even awaken their arms to the max level. Well well, Asobimo programmers are in danger…

Short after a while, the game prompted the maintenance news and quickly remove that “BUG NPC,” so will these players get banned? Or the data will roll back to some time point?

Who knows! But with the removal of the auction stall, it seems this company has no idea what they are doing, because the stall function is the most fun feature of the game, and a lot of players already left the game.

We will update this news when the news comes out, stay tuned!

Update: some players just told us, after the maintenance, nothing happened! That means, a lot of players now with more than billion gold and full sets of 5* awaken arms, and storage full of 999 rift stone, evo liquid and slot release, etc.

Well, at least those players were brave to do it. So what do you think about it, is this fair to you?

*the news article provides by the player: worxxxx

Final Update: the company finally release the penalty measures 10 minutes ago:

For those who maliciously used this bug, that character will result in debt with -999,999,999 gold, while other characters under the same account will all reset to 0 gold lol.

avabel gold-bug-compensation-1 gem

avabel online gold-bug-penalty


But, all items purchased by using the malfunction gold will be still there! Well, so this is the final penalty from this dark event, if you were too greedy, your have no choice but delete all your characters and start from 0 again, but if you are not that greedy…

So what do you think about it?