This is the part 2 of the NPC list and function of each NPC article; we will list all left NPCs in this part.

If you can’t find the NPC you are looking for here, it should be in the 1st part, click here to check Avabel All NPC data part 1.

Let’s get the start.

Revere NPC List – Main Base Harbor City (24 total – part 2)

Whole list:


NPC Advanced-Classes-Helen avabel

Advanced Classes Helen: this NPC will manage all your class change requirements. We will not write too much about this topic here, check this more detailed class guide avabel online all classes/advanced classes, you can learn everything related game Class there.

avabel NPC Rebirth-Chamber-Transferrer-Laine

Rebirth Chamber Transferrer Laine: avabel rebirth system is one of the most enjoyable features in the game. It can highly extend the play time and made this game even more playable.

When you reached Lv90, a quest named “Road to Rebirth” should appear in NPC quest list, also be called rebirth chamber release:

It requires you kill 3 Bosses:

  • Aungahel (21F boss)
  • Gran Zeal (30F boss)
  • Mills Golem (33F boss)

It’s impossible for an average player to defeat them by oneself, so better spend 5 gems to unlock it or wait for parties which aim those bosses together.

After that, talk to Laine, and you will be transferred to the Chamber room:

avabel online rebirth- chamber room 5 NPC total

  • Total 5 NPC in this place:
  • Quest Manager Carlos
  • Advanced Classes Ricardo
  • Storage Manager Ellen
  • Rebirth Manager Tina
  • Skill master Perseus

Ricardo and Ellen are same as outside NPC, so no need mention.


Quest Manager Carlos: before each time you rebirth, you need to finish a quest first. Carlos will give you such quest named “Road to Rebirth – Proving Strength.”

Till now, a player can get reborn 8 times at most which means you have to finish eight times proving strength quest. Each time you should defeat 3 Bosses, the first time will be three 3F boss monsters – Jabbawock, the second time would be three 6F bosses, and so on.

The quest is tough; you may need other players or guild members to help clear it.


Rebirth Manager Tina: to be reborn, you need to talk to Tina. She will tell you everything about rebirth like below:

What does rebirth do?

1, An icon indicating rebirth will be shown beside a character name.  avabel online rebirth

2, Character current status points distributed will be reset, and initial status will change from 5 to 1.

3, Before rebirth, you can add at most 150 points to a specific status, for example, DEX. Even you have 200 points total at that time; you have to spend left 50 on another status.

After the first rebirth, you can add 160 points to any status, after 8 times, you can add 230 points then. The limit will be lifted each time.

Besides it, each time you will gain 10 extra points of any status, means 50 total points reward.

4, HP, SP and character’s movement speed will be raised according to the times reborn.

5, The advanced class you choose to rebirth with will preserve all its skills and show in novice column. For instance, you choose slywinder to rebirth, after that, all your slywinder’s skills will be saved.

Now you can use all its skills even you were reset to basic class – magician. The skills will have R symbol on names.

*R skills cost 25% more SP than usual.

6, Some basic class skills level will be released up to Lv10. (max Lv5 before birth)

7, Unlock weapon limitation. For example, fire bringer can only use a two-hand sword to release the skills in normal, but after rebirth, you can even equip two-hand spear to do that, and get more damage as a result. Before, two-hand spear only available in warrior’s advanced class- stinger.

*It ONLY breaks the limitation within the class, if none of your Rogue advanced classes can use a two-hand sword, then its impossible to use one even you got reborn.

8, RE level dungeons unlocked from the NPC.

9, Rebirth quests unlocked. You can get free gems(total 39 each time) from these.

10, As a reward, your character will get a free Lv100 rift stone from the first-time rebirth. (Do not conflict with other characters under the same account)

Other Considerations of Rebirth:

1, Character will change to Lv31 basic job, all equipment will be removed. So be careful when you choose rebirth, you may struggle for a period without good armors. Of course, you could use rift stone on some OP arms.

2, Current acquired skills and JEXP will be reset too.

3, Advanced class release condition will be reset. For instance, your class changed 3 times from Gladiator, Crusader, and Paladin. After reborn with the paladin, Gladiator and crusader are all gone. If you want to use skills of those jobs, you have to unlock them again!

That is why, we highly recommend players choose only ONE Ad-class to RE, after eight times, you will then get all skills of them and no waste at all.

4, Accepted quests will be canceled. So before you do it, submit all complete quests in case lose the EXP&JEXP or any reward items.

*Achievements will not be reset. You can save 100K take down rewards, and use it after you rebirth, nice trick!

5, Character will be forced out of a joined party.

Requirements of Rebirth:

  • Lv 90 or higher
  • Clear Quest: proving strength N
  • A large amount of Gold
  • Job master of an advanced class
  • Enough rebirth crystals

The higher your character Level than 90, the less gold and crystals you should consume. If you reached level 100, you wouldn’t need any gold and crystals.

avabel npc Arena-Guide-Owren

Arena Guide Owren: talk to Owren to move to the PVP map room:

avabel PVP-map-avabel

For PVP lovers, this map is kindly heaven place. Well, if you see the two shining portals on the left and right hand, that is No Limit Field 1/2. Every play becomes attack-able in such no limit map.

You can join PvP league from NPC League Reception Shiori, the league only open at GMT 12:00 ∼ 15:00 / 20:00 ∼ 23:00 every day.

Arena Guide Wallace is the main NPC on this map. You can quickly join other’s room or create one. You can choose 3 modes: Free, Party and Guild. Under each mode, you can also choose different rules like official team, free deathmatch, damage, etc.

Players can even participate the official tournament from the NPC Rio, talk to her and check the details or enroll to it.

Case Smith Acier, Item shop Thomas and Storage Manager Julie are duplicate as outside, so no need to describe more.

PvP is a huge topic. We will not write too much here. BTW, if you are good at PVP in avabel, feel free to write some informative articles for us, we will give you credits 🙂

avabel npc World-VS-Reception-Eiron

Eiron: World VS let players belong to different servers can PVP compete for each other’s force in the same map.

This feature is amusing and enjoyable, though our site mainly talks about the international server, the data between Japanese server, Taiwan server, and global server are literally same.

Talk to him and check the event time accordingly.

avabel npc WV-Reward-Manager-Clea

WV reward manager Clea: use war god medal to exchange goods here. War God Medal can be earned by accomplishments in world VS.

avabel wv-god-medal-spin

After you get the medal, you can spin here by consuming it. Though it is not easy to spin a good item, test your luck!

avabel npc tower-scramble-Elle

Tower Scramble Elle: tower scramble is a PvP event between guilds. You should have a guild to participate.

There are total 4 kinds tower: Ares Tower, Balisto Tower, Cable Tower and Dyne Tower. By allying with other two strong guilds, your guild can compete with others on Sunday each week.

Winners of each tower can get some good rewards like treasure box privilege, inner tower, etc.

avabel npc Summon-Raid-Guide

Summon Raid Guide: You can transfer to user raid start map by this NPC. Occasionally, some players may summon the wild boss use a summon book, then you can enter the map from here with other players.

You may need special materials to combine into a summoning book. Such boss often gives a massive amount of EXP and not bad items.

avabel npc stall-manager-Mycks

Stall Manager Mycks: Trade NPC. Auction stall is one of the most fun features of avabel online. You can buy&sell nearly everything here!

Update: since a recent update, stall function is temporarily suspended.

We even tried to reach the official about when the stall auction function will be back, the official replied as below:

Thank you for contacting AVABEL ONLINE Customer Support.

Currently, we are corresponding to an improvement in stall and mail function.
*Please note that some time will be required to identify the cause. Also, we cannot individually provide the estimated date to solve this issue.

However, we thank you for your comment and would like to consider it as player’s voice.

In our opinion, the avabel trading suspension will be lifted, and stall will be back sooner or later, consider this game soon will be land on big platforms like Steam, PS4, and Nintendo switch, such a useful function is a must-have thing though.

avabel NPC-Faine-in-revere

Faine: You should familiar with Faine as she will give each player a lot of quests along the way. Follow the instructions she provides each time, and you will soon get the hang of this game.

Click to check all quests on this page.


Class Change Lyte: no function here, he just tries to be helpful?!

avabel NPC-Transferrer-Celissie

Transferrer Celissie: no doubt the most essential NPC. Celissie will transfer you anywhere you want. Only, pay her first!

You can also change your base from Revere to Astoria or Gathering Nocturall. In short, all three cities function same like each other.

avabel NPC-Guild-Manager-Marianne

Guild Manager Marianne: manage all your guild-related settings like create, dismiss, change style, enter guild room, etc.

By offering items to exchange guild points(GP), GP points are necessary for guild management.

Each guild can set its style, this called guild skills. There are  total 5 styles:

  • Pv-Guard: -% damage from players
  • Peddler: +% item selling price
  • Venture: +% monster drop rate
  • Insurance: -% death penalty
  • Defend: -% damage from monsters

The number is not fixed though depend on the level of each skill, and only master or submaster can set this.

Guild room is a shareable facility for all guild members. A guild has to spend 10 million GP to buy a room key. There is even a farm after unlocking the guild room feature.

avabel guild board

We bet you have seen this board besides Marianne. Guild board is for random players to find a guild, or for the guild master to recruit a member.

The settings here are straightforward and easy to understand. If you are still alone, try to find a good guild now! Some guilds may restrict the levels to join.

Three Other Boards In game:

avabel rescue board - you can help other players

Rescue Board: rescue board was designed to help other players with the floor release quest if they hit the “shout for rescue” button when they enter the map. However, currently, this function has closed no idea why.

avabel event board

Event Board: check current event information here, it will invoke the news window in game.

There is a bug though, if you click the view detail and open the browser on your smartphone, you may be stuck on the menu screen when you back to game, have to reset the game.

avabel rank board

Ranking Board: you can check PvP ranking, GvG ranking and League Ranking details at any time here.

You may already notice there is a big colorful gate in Revere. It is Event Square:

avabel event square

Event Square: all event-related NPCs are on this map.

Occasionally, GM will send you free furniture exchange ticket which you can use it to exchange nice furniture for decorating your room from the NPC in the entrance.

Olive: Guerrilla quest manager as we talked before, when a guerrilla is out, talk with him to join.

Crecia and Alus: some event quests may need you run dungeons or technical battle to get unique quest items, you can only get those from here, not those Quest/Dungeon map NPCs outside.

avabel event square npc Ranm and Weird copper coin exchanger Bloss

Weird Copper Coin Exchanger Bloss: you can use 1 weird copper coin to exchange 4 event coins here. The weird copper coin is a rare drop item, can be dropped from all floors, and drop rate is around 0.05%.

Ranm: use your event coin to exchange goods here. You can get a lot of valuable items from this NPC:

  • Wido Box 2017
  • Kundo R
  • High Salami
  • Lagnome R
  • Survival rush ticket
  • Rift Box R
  • Slot Release Box R
  • Evo Liquid Box R
  • Boss Crystals to fl36
  • Equip Acc Slot Expansion R
  • Crescent Ring 1
  • ……

Lim Time column let you exchange weapon boxes, which is not worth in our humble opinion.

Til here, we have listed all NPC in base Revere, of course, you may set your base to the other 2 base maps: Astoria or The Gathering Nocturall.

avabel base Astoria

avabel base city Gathering-Nocturall

All NPCs on those maps are same as Revere so that we won’t list them here. If you have problems with any NPC, you can quickly check the list at the beginning and find your answer.

Feel free to comment below if you still can’t find your answer, we will add more contents from time to time depending on readers’ request.