A non-player character is called NPC in a game. Nearly all games have one or more NPCs which each has different functions in a specific game, so do Avabel Online.

Today, we are going to list all NPCs in this game and describe what they are doing and serve to players in Avabel.

This can be regarded as an NPC reference list, exceptionally useful and handy for new people who have no idea what those NPCs are for.

Update: this is part 1, check left NPCs list for part 2 here.

Revere – Main Base Harbor City (24 total – part 1)

whole list – part 1:


NPC item shop Ponnie

Item Shop Ponnie: This is one of the most important NPCs in the game. You can buy:

  • HP recovery S: medicine recover 100HP.
  • HP recovery M: recover 500HP.
  • HP recovery L: recover 1000HP.
  • SP recovery S: recover 50SP.
  • SP recovery M: recover 100SP.
  • SP recovery L: recover 400SP.
  • Clear Bottle: class alchemy use clear bottle to make HP&SP potions.
  • Return Wing: return you to the base, useless now.
  • Craftsman’s Hammer: blacksmith class and quest use item.
  • Alchemy Pot: A must have in alchemy class, to make potions.

You can also sell useless items to this NPC when your bag is full.


Storage Manager Ryan: when your bag capacity is full, you can store your valuable items into this warehouse, every player should have their storage box.

Please note: all characters under the same account will share same storage box; that means, you can transfer weapons&equipment by using this.

You can use “Storage Expansion” item to expand your box cap, though it is not easy to get. Spend gems or daily kill 50K monsters and you will get one.


Case Smith Minnis: crysta case can give you additional status effects while element case can give you extra element resistance rate.

This is an advanced function which OP players can use it to exceed others on the status like DEX significantly.

When you get a Rune thing, no matter it is a weapon or arm, it will get random “status“ attached to it, see below:

rune hat with str +2 and HP+100

This Rune hat gets 3 attributes: HP+100, STR+1, STR+1. If you put this hat into the crysta case to crystallize it, you will get additional status: + HP ≥ 100, + STR ≥2.

But why ≥ here? Because it depends on your Rune star ranks, it will reflect the numbers in the arms to case at least 100%, to at most 127%. (100% for 1 star, 127% for 10 star)

Below attributes can be reflected:

  • HP
  • SP
  • DEF
  • MDEF
  • STR
  • VIT
  • INT
  • MEN
  • DEX

To be noted, the level requirement here is no longer useful in the new update, for instance, put a level 50, 10-star rank rune hat into crysta case will give you same bonus compare with a level 100, 10-star arms.

ORBs can be embedded in the arms. Such arms with orbs attached can also put into the crysta case, and only the ORBs basic STR/INT/MEN/DEX/VIT this 5 status will part reflect the case.

The higher the arm’s star rank and enhance Lv, the higher the reflected value.

Element Case: depending on the element of stored Astra arms, the resistance to that element is added.

The resistance value is higher for the arms with higher star rank and equips limit level.

For example, we tested with a level 100, 10-star rank wind element Astra weapon, the result is 1% wind element resistance value added to the character.

A special ORB named anti-element orb can attach to Astra arms. Such orbs are purely for element resistance purpose, and the value can reflect to element case too; though the effect is very minimal and costly.

This kind ORB can be made from NPC synthesis Merris.

The max crysta case capacity is 100, while element case cap is 50. You can use “Crysta Case Expansion Book” and “Element Case Expansion Book” to expand your cases.


Blacksmith Juri: 5 options you can choose from this NPC.


Enhance: each equipment has its star rank. For example, a 7-star  rank weapon means you can enhance it to MAX 70 level. By doing this, the basic attribute of this arms will go up, e.g., from 100 DEF ⇒ 150 DEF.

So you should enhance all your equipped arms to max level to get the most of it. You can enhance arms by adding useless materials or enhance stone to increase its EXP and leveling it.

Evolve: in short, you can raise the star rank  of any arms, like from 1 star to 2 stars, from 5 stars to 6 stars, etc.

Evolving Rune and Astra arms will consume evolution gangue, which is a precious item in Avabel online.

Awake Arms: you can awake arms with over 6-star rank , 6-star arms can be awakened 1 time, while 10-star rank arms will have a 5 times max awake.

After each awake, your arms will gain additional status, depending what Orbs you attached to it. For instance, if you attach STR Orb to your awake arms, you get 1 point STR after that.

Except for extra status, it has hidden effect too:

  • Weapon(right-hand): +5% damage by each awaken
  • Weapon(left-hand): +1% damage each time
  • Head/Upper/Lower Armor Equipment: -2% received damage each time
  • Shield: +1% damage each time

*Awake has a chance to fail, you can use awake crystals to increase the chance by 100%.

To be honest, this function is much more advanced and very costly, not newbie friendly at all.

Add Element: element is common everywhere in the game, most monsters have an element themselves. You can also add a specific element to your weapons and armors. Astra arms born with an element though.

There are total 6 types elements in avabel, check element chart and their weakness relation below:

Element NameFireEarthWindWaterLightDark
Icon In Gameavabel fire element iconearth element in avabelavabel wind elementavabel water elementavabel light elementavabel dark element
Corresponding Bowlavabel online fire bowl icon imageavabel earth bowl small iconavabel wind bowl small iconavabel water bowl small iconavabel light bowl small iconavabel dark bowl small icon
Correlation Fire restrain EarthEarth restrain WindWind restrain WaterWater restrain FireLight restrain DarkDark restrain Light

For example, when you use a fire element weapon against an earth element monster, your damage will + 10%; same as when you wear an element weapon against a none-element mob.

Damage will not change between non-conflict elements, e.g., a water element weapon/skill against an earth target. But if you use a wind element weapon/skill against an earth target, your damage will decrease 40%.

What happens if you use an earth element weapon/skill against earth element too? The damage will decrease 10%.

Quick tip: use shinning element stone can increase your element damage for a period f time.

Add Monster Type: this is another method to raise your damage significantly. All monsters in Avabel have their type, total 8 types in this game:

Type NamePlantAnimalInsectAquaHumanSpiritIllusionDemon
Iconavabel plant typeavabel type - animalavabel type - insectavabel online type- aquaavabel online type - humanavabel type spiritavabel type illusionavabel type demon
  • Same type with the target, right-hand weapon +30% damage, while left-hand +10% damage.
  • Different type with target: damage decrease by 10% ∼15%.
  • Same armor type with opponent attack: decrease 10% received damage, shield part by 5%
  • Different armor type with attacks: your received damage will be increased.

You need the material crystal of X types, custom tool and shining crystal to add types to your arms. You can buy these from NPC peddler Rasno.


Synthesis Merris: as you can tell from the name, this NPC will handle all your synthesis requirement. It includes:

  • Consumable: rift stone, sharp&hard crystal, evolution gangue, etc.
  • Special Items: shining stone, Evo liquid, etc.
  • Treasure Box: over box etc.
  • Summon Book: books which can summon a boss to raid.
  • Disassemble Expand BK: disassemble your 5R/20R/100R books to small ones, useless.
  • Low-Level Equipment: useless junks
  • Equipment Avatar: you can make unique accessory avatars by using materials dropped from monsters on each floor, you need have memories to see the recipe.
  • ORB: pure orb and anti-element orbs
  • Skill Ring Evo Material: produce light crystal-sharp and light crystal-hard
  • Customize Weapon: adjust your weapon ATK/MATK by using 5 custom tools.
    Ba: slightly increase both MIN and MAX number. Di: only increase MAX number. Fl: only increase MIN number
  • Recycle Avatars: exchange 10 avatars or 1 weird copper coin for a recycle box.
  • Recycle Avatars 2: produce a special color avatar.

Please note, many recipes are not displayed if you don’t have the key material, for example, you need memories to show the monsters’ avatar recipes.



Expert Blacksmith Gayn: this Expert Evolve system will let you upgrade your arms’ level requirement, e.g., upgrade a level 80 Astra arms to level 90 but it very costly and your evolved arms will drop the star ranks, though it can increase the Lv requirement.

In short, this function is very costly, and we do not recommend this to all players. Save gems or pack tickets to spin weapons is much more reasonable.

avabel NPC-Pet-Breeder-Caron

Pet Breeder Caron: pet system in the game, you can manage all your pets here; this includes combine and evolve a pet.

Combine: choose a base pet and then merge others don’t need, each material-use pet can give the base one 5000EXP.

You can feed the pet with pet food like flavored fish or anything else you don’t need, for example, even a weird copper coin and Rune/Astra arms are also feedable. Each will give different amount of EXP.

Evolve: raise the star rank of a pet. The max star rank of a pet is 4, and each star the max level are 40, 60, 80, 100, separately.

After a pet reached the max level of specific star rank, you can choose to evolve it. By using rainbow items, custom tool, sprout of hope, a pet can be evolved to the next star rank. You can farm these things from “pal’s hideout” dungeon.

Copper Coin Pack: use a weird copper coin to spin a pet, we do not recommend as it is just waste your coins. Try to use pack ticket to spin pets from the shop, not here.

new pet packs in avabelsuper pet fest in avabel

Player will get a free pet at the beginning, or use pack tickets or gems to spin a new one in the shop.

NPC-Hairdresser-Marl avabel game

Hairdresser Marl: alter your character appearance customization at here, include hairstyle, hair color, face, skin color.

You may need to finish some quests to unlock the hidden options above. Also, some uncommon customization requires “hair make ticket” and “salon ticket” which can only get from quests.

My-Room-Guide NPC

My Room Guide: each player can have own room. By default, the personal room is empty. You can use furniture to decorate your room.

my room big picture avabel

Furniture can be got from furniture dungeon, events, and spin in the shop. You can go to your friends’ room or invite others to your place at NPC.

NPC Recycle-Shop-Amiche

Recycle Shop Amiche: here you can exchange useless avatars to points. Points can be exchanged for various items.

The items range from Evo liquid, slot release, rift stone, awake crystal to unique avatars. The only valuable thing in our opinion is “Avatar Acc Slot Expansion R.”

For new players, we do not recommend this function because it is too costly if you no enough avatars to exchange, do not waste them.

aavabel NPC-Arms-Shop-Irris

Arms Shop Irris: you can buy some basic arms from this NPC. It includes all kinds weapons and armors, though the star rank and level is very low. Newbie friendly.

avabel NPC Quest&Dungeon-Transfer-Barris

Quest/Dungeon Transfer Barris: another important NPC you need pay attention. Talk to him and transfer to the quest and dungeon room:

avabel quest and dungeon room 6 main NPC here

Six main NPCs here:

  • Technical Battle Reception Enns
  • ZENITH Reward Exchange
  • Quest Manager Roy
  • Dungeon Guide
  • Defence Line Reception Orlet
  • Defence Line Reward Exchange

avabel npc technical-battle-reception-enns-room

Technical Battle Reception Enns: this NPC is no doubt one of the most important ones, you can regard this as mini-games, of course, you can get rewards from these mini-games.

Play these games will cost players’ DP, dungeon points. By default, you have 100 DP. Each mini-game should cost you a certain number DP, and DP will recover slowly by time.

You can choose the single and multi mode:

RUSH: defeat as many monsters as you can in a time limit.

BOSS RUSH: kill as many bosses as possible in specified time.

FREE WAY: a freestyle battle to test your efficiency.

Quick: test how fast you can by defeating all mobs in the area.

ZENITH CLASH: the boss here is powerful, so be prepared.

avabel online zenith-reward-exchange-room

ZENITH Reward Exchange: use Zenith silver and gold coin from Zenith clash game reward to exchange goods at here. The items here are not bad, but the zenith is very hard, not for new players though.

*you can exchange efficiency up potion here, but it is not that useful, let alone, hard to get.

avabel npc quest-manager-roy-in-room

Quest Manager Roy: function same as floor quest NPCs on each floor, so not much to write. Such an NPC often provides daily, weekly, rebirth, special, unique quests to players.

avabel npc dungeon-guide-iris-room

Dungeon Guide Iris: You can run dungeons by consuming DP, many valuable things only drop from Dungeon, so we wrote a detailed dungeon guide here.

avabel npc defence-line-reception-orlet

Defence Line Reception Orlet: help defense the Helios Tower, you can choose the small scale or medium scale battle. You can only play three times per day.

avabel NPC defence-line-reward-exchange-room

Defence Line Reward Exchange: use DL medals you get from the defense game above to exchange goods here. DL gold medal can be used to exchange awake crystal, crescent ring 1, material ring 1, which are valuable things later.

As it is a bit too long if we put all Avabel Online NPCs in one article, so we separated this article into two parts.