Event Name: Secret Night Sakura Hot Spring

Reward: limited avatars and jackpot items

Time Estimate: 3 days

Recommend: ★★★★★5

guest posted by player: stxxx5, special thanks to him!

Day 1

First, go to event square and talk to the Guide NPC on the left hand – Guide to Secret Hot Spring. Enter the new map, and 3 NPCs are there:

  • Chattering Manager Hachi
  • Young Madam Hana
  • Playboy Toyama

hot spring event NPC 3

Also, you can see 2 transfer spot locked next to the entrance portal. Don’t worry. You will unlock them through the event quests.

Talk to the Madam Hana and accept the challenge from Sakura Site Hot Spring.

You need defeat Shigure and Yae.

avabel online secret hot spring event -Shigure-and-Yae

Head to Hachi and join other groups. The monsters are easy to take down. After done it report back to her and you will get “Secret Hot Spring Costume Ticket  ×1″.

Each day, you can unlock only 1 quest, so never miss any days, or you will not unlock all details of this event.

Now the NPC playboy Toyama got a task for you. Accept it and defeat 5 Shigure and Yae. You have to run 5 times of dungeon in order to complete it.

The reward is “proof of Sakura  ×1.”

You can also get some Secret Hot Spring’s Sakura Petals(S/M/L) from these dungeons each time.

If you are wondering where to use these petals and Sakura proof, go upstairs by jump on the umbrellas:

secret-spot-jump on umbrella

  • Ticket Exchanger Shun: Use that ticket to exchange some special avatars at this NPC. It includes Travelers Conical Hat/Japanese Traditional Umbrella/Conical Hat. (see images at the bottom)
  • Sakura Petals Pack: You can play jackpot game at here, if you are lucky, you can get rift stones and evolution gangues.
  • Hot Spring Souvenir Kai: some goods

Day 2

Talk to Madam Hana again, and she wants a “pass to go up levels of secret night sakura spot.” You need jump on the cliff and produce it at the NPC Shun by using 5 small petals.

You have to run novice level dungeon to get the small petals.

Now the Go to upper floor portal is open. But since you can go upstairs the 2nd day already, this is useless then. Meanwhile, you can do playboy quest multiple times, to get more Proofs.

Day 3

Today, Hana needs 10 Sakura Rice Cakes. You should have enough materials now, go upstairs and synthesize cakes for her.

*If you had spent those on jackpot game, you can switch your alternative characters to collect enough petals.

Final quest comes up: the road to secret hot spring. Now you need bring “permission paper for hot spring” to enter the secret spot.

The hidden recipe now shows up at Shun too. Produce that and report back to Hana.

secret-hot-spring-event-avabel online

That’s all! Enjoy the hot spring of secret spot! You can see a rope appears between the cliff and spring.

Appendix Avatar Image: (all have different colors)

Travelers Conical Hat:

avabe;l online travelers-conical-hat avatar

Japanese Traditional Umbrella:

avabel online avatar japanese-traditional-umbrella-avatar

Conical Hat:

avabel online conical-hat-avatar