A big obstacle in front of the majority of players in Avabel is 8 Rebirth. While this feature has made this game super exciting and perfect for those gamers who are willing invest extensive time in their favorite games, it surely will cost you a lot of time, patience, and even money.

From a recent survey we asked around 100 players in the game and got the answer: to rebirth eight times, a player should use at least several months on average. FYI, these are all active ones.

Is there a method of fast leveling to rebirth 8 times?

Well, of course, there is always a way to do anything. Most users with few experience with this game have to spend their time, money, and grinding day by day; Few experienced ones will use many tricks to boost efficiency, today we will list all secret sources they use to level a character very quickly.

5 tricks you may not know yet


1, Never underestimate the novice skill – Planning.

Everyone can learn Planning skill in the character ⇒ skill, novice column:

use planning skill wisely to quick level your game character in avabel

Increase earned EXP by 30% during active time.

The right way to use this handy function is before you report any complete quests, especially the Floor Release and Guerrilla ones.

Typically, a floor release quest can give you a significant amount of EXP, and they are the main resource of EXP for a new player along with farming monsters.

A big mistake people are often making is they think planning is useless. “Screw it! Just submit this and move to next one!”

Hell no, 30% extras, why not do it! Just open your menu option and activate it. If you are too lazy, please put this onto your screen shortcut area, and use it when necessary!

If you happen no quests lately or done all of them; you can use it while farm mobs on the floors, if you are strong enough to farm RE monsters only, this is an excellent combo.

We will talk Guerrilla in the later chapter.

2, Form or join a party, let’s get socialized!

You may overlook this slideshow while switch maps in Avabel:

6 people party can give 30% extra EXP in avabel

Full party with six players at the same field will give you 20% extra EXP, JEXP, item drop rate!

So that’s why you can see the 18F is full of parties at any time, no solo! This remarkable feature can help you a lot, especially for those weak players and a bit lazy to kill by themselves. (don’t AFK TOO LONG)

Anyway, you do not need always join a party. A disadvantage of this trick is its hard to find a good party, in many cases. People come and go frequently, and make a lazy killing. So if you were the expert gamer, you should have been keeping thinking if there is a better way to get EXP&JEXP.

So choose this option only when you think you need a group.

3, Secret farm floors? Yes, it matters much!

We talked about this topic in the article avabel online beginner guide where we listed some best farm maps. For example, 7F, 12F, 18F, 22F, 39F. These are most famous places to farm EXP and JEXP.

22F is a good place to fast level in avabel

We refer you to the floor wiki page where you can check each floor’s monsters, and the EXP&JEXP gained from mobs.

Some useful data in below table for a quick reference:

Monster NameFloor Map Belong ToLevel AppearEXP Gain JEXP Gain
Le Flat7F13313115
Le Flat RE7F5782001440
Beach Pigman18F412695998
Beach Pigman RE18F111671885820
Shih Tzu22F5136071210
Shih Tzu RE22F125794646720
Grawly RE39F19124870823500

If you have your secret place, you can check corresponding floor page to calculate your hourly EXP gain.

Extra tip: if you like to farm in a specific place, try to figure out the monsters’ element and type. Give your weapon with right element and type can deal amazingly high damage which could profoundly reduce your farm time.

4, Special events and guerrilla, you will never want to miss.

From time to time, the game company may launch special events or guerrilla quest.

Some events are born for fast leveling for newcomers. For example, the total takedown event several months ago, it gives you more than 200 million EXP total and will let you straight to level 90 at once.

Avabel thank you box event let you kill unlimited cream maple leaf mob which will give you enough EXP to even for a quick eight times rebirth. This is crazy.

Such events are not often come out, so take a chance when it is out, time is everything!

Guerrilla quest is another good way to quick leveling your character; this is mainly for a newbie.

guerrilla event give you large amount of EXP&JEXP

When guerrilla is out, walk to the event square and talk to the NPC Olive.

Remember to take enough HP&SP potions because the boss battle is a long time fight. You will be transferred to the room and raid big monster boss with many other players.

The EXP amount here is excellent! With enough damage to the boss, you can earn more than 10 million EXP each time.

Extra tip: you can join EXP party which players in it may eat the EXP books; by doing this, you have the same boost bonus effect, plus with planning skill, you can easily gain much more extra EXP!

5, Pay to win? Consider buying a monthly ticket.

Strictly to say, avabel online does not fall into the pay to win category. If you are willing to spend a lot of time to grind every day, you can be OP finally and without donating one dollar to them.

Nonetheless, you can also choose to spend some real cash in the game, for example, buy a monthly ticket:

avabel monthly ticket 3 kinds

Players can choose from 3 different kinds ticket: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each monthly ticket has own bones as you can see in the above image.

monthly ticket 2, EXP to 200%

Even more, you can purchase all these 3 tickets and stack the bonus. So the maximum effect would be 200% EXP extra gain! This can highly reduce your farm time, though it costs money.

Any freeways? Yes.

Occasionally, you may get free Red support EXP books from a daily sign in or events. These books can give you short time span EXP boost from 30% to 2200%, and consider you can stack such books to 10! Well, you know the drill now.

red support book icon in avabel

A trick to use such books is using it when you submit finish-ready quests or farm RE monsters. Never forget, above methods are all can be stacked with planning skill! So play with “stack,” this is an art.

Secret 6, RE orbs, just a dream!

Sorry but this bonus tip here is not for the 99% players in this avabel, no kidding.

There is an RE orb in this game called: “Kodora RE,” let’s see what it is:

RE orbs kodora extra 15% EXP&JEXP

Kodora RE: can attach to tops, +15% EXP&JEXP gain

Not done yet, because this Kodora RE orb can add up to 3, that means, total 45% EXP&JEXP gain, forever! (you can check all RE orbs list here)

We have covered all possible ways to boost your eight rebirth road in this leveling guide, but do not force yourself into all of these, play a game, to be happy! Comment below and let us know what your tricks are?