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Event: Secret Night Sakura Hot Spring – What Reward?

Event Name: Secret Night Sakura Hot Spring

Reward: limited avatars and jackpot items

Time Estimate: 3 days

Recommend: ★★★★★5

guest posted by player: stxxx5, special thanks to him!

Day 1

First, go to event square and talk to the Guide NPC on the left hand – Guide to Secret Hot Spring. Enter the new map, and 3 NPCs are there:

  • Chattering Manager Hachi
  • Young Madam Hana
  • Playboy Toyama

hot spring event NPC 3

Also, you can see 2 transfer spot locked next to the entrance portal. Don’t worry. You will unlock them through the event quests.

Talk to the Madam Hana and accept the challenge from Sakura Site Hot Spring.

You need defeat Shigure and Yae.

avabel online secret hot spring event -Shigure-and-Yae

Head to Hachi and join other groups. The monsters are easy to take down. After done it report back to her and you will get “Secret Hot Spring Costume Ticket  ×1″.

Each day, you can unlock only 1 quest, so never miss any days, or you will not unlock all details of this event.

Now the NPC playboy Toyama got a task for you. Accept it and defeat 5 Shigure and Yae. You have to run 5 times of dungeon in order to complete it.

The reward is “proof of Sakura  ×1.”

You can also get some Secret Hot Spring’s Sakura Petals(S/M/L) from these dungeons each time.

If you are wondering where to use these petals and Sakura proof, go upstairs by jump on the umbrellas:

secret-spot-jump on umbrella

  • Ticket Exchanger Shun: Use that ticket to exchange some special avatars at this NPC. It includes Travelers Conical Hat/Japanese Traditional Umbrella/Conical Hat. (see images at the bottom)
  • Sakura Petals Pack: You can play jackpot game at here, if you are lucky, you can get rift stones and evolution gangues.
  • Hot Spring Souvenir Kai: some goods

Day 2

Talk to Madam Hana again, and she wants a “pass to go up levels of secret night sakura spot.” You need jump on the cliff and produce it at the NPC Shun by using 5 small petals.

You have to run novice level dungeon to get the small petals.

Now the Go to upper floor portal is open. But since you can go upstairs the 2nd day already, this is useless then. Meanwhile, you can do playboy quest multiple times, to get more Proofs.

Day 3

Today, Hana needs 10 Sakura Rice Cakes. You should have enough materials now, go upstairs and synthesize cakes for her.

*If you had spent those on jackpot game, you can switch your alternative characters to collect enough petals.

Final quest comes up: the road to secret hot spring. Now you need bring “permission paper for hot spring” to enter the secret spot.

The hidden recipe now shows up at Shun too. Produce that and report back to Hana.

secret-hot-spring-event-avabel online

That’s all! Enjoy the hot spring of secret spot! You can see a rope appears between the cliff and spring.

Appendix Avatar Image: (all have different colors)

Travelers Conical Hat:

avabe;l online travelers-conical-hat avatar

Japanese Traditional Umbrella:

avabel online avatar japanese-traditional-umbrella-avatar

Conical Hat:

avabel online conical-hat-avatar

Event: Attack on Titan X Avabel Online Collaboration

Event: Attack on Titan X Avabel Online Collaboration

Event Name: Attack on Titan X Avabel Online Collaboration

Reward: Pack Ticket ×10 / Attack on Titan figure emotion&avatars / limited skill ring

Time Estimate: short

Recommend: ★★★8


article guest posted by player: Magi

thanks for the contribution to wiki!

First, let’s find the portal to enter the new event map – Silent Barricade.


You can find this light pillar at any bases, walk into it and character should be teleported to the new place. I will show you guys some awesome screenshots:

avabel event attack on  titan map silent barricade map 1

avabel event attack on  titan map silent barricade map 2

avabel event attack on  titan map silent barricade map 3

avabel event attack on  titan map silent barricade map 4

avabel event attack on  titan map silent barricade map 4

avabel event attack on  titan map silent barricade map 6

So beautifully made map right 🙂

Well, first we need to find the NPC Mirage near the bridge:

attack on titan event NPC risa and Mirage

He tells you this time a large bunch of titans outside the wall include 1 Colossal Titan are ready to rush into the town. He wants you to join the defensive line with other players. Accept the job and join other groups, I recommend the ADV level though.

colossal-titan-invades 1

colossal-titan-invades 2

The task is easy. Protect the fence of town and survive for at least 5 minutes. If your party failed before the time due, the reward “Attack Medal” would be decreased in number.


You can finish various achievements while in a raid. For example, take down the Colossal Titan. Unfortunately, it is impossible to kill in a usual way, but when using skill ring Attacking Blade, it can significantly boost your damage.

Anyway, you do not necessarily kill it. It will only give extra medals.

After finishing your first-time run, you will complete an event achievement and get 10 pack tic. I highly recommend doing at least one time of dungeon, because pack tic now is very useful in Avabel Online, you can nearly spin anything with it!

For the “Attack Medal” you get each time, go to spin them at the NPC Risa, though, very rarely can get good things.

You may have found an NPC named Cedar on the wall. If you wonder what he is doing at there, just type “Collab with Attack on Titan” (case sensitive)in your chat dialog, you will get an item – Attack Soul.

The weird thing is, nothing happened lol. This NPC will still have no quest for you; maybe it’s a bug for me, or not the right time yet?! We guess the reward is a limited emotion.

The event is simple as this! Short but interesting enough. You can run 3 times each day to collect medals and spin. For the attack on titan avatars, sadly, you have to spend pack tickets or gems on them. And if you are lucky to get avatar armors, talk to the NPC Sebas to upgrade them to the final level – Wings of Freedom Series.

The shop has more manga related avatars like vertical maneuvering equipment and ultra-hand blade.

appendix: (Eren/Mikasa/Hange/Levi)

attack-on-titan- Eren avatar-1

attack-on-titan- Eren avatar-2

Skill Ring: Attacking Blade


(spin rate: 10%)

attack on titan skill ring attacking-blade

attack on titan skill ring attacking-blade 2

for my Levi

Levi avatar avabel online

The 9th Class Summoner Is Coming And New Floor?!

As we all know there are total 8 basic Class and 64 advanced Class in the game Avabel Online. Now, the 9th base class is coming – Summoner.

update: summoner page and skills added, click to check it!

The global server is a bit behind compared with the Japanese server because the game is developed by the Japan company, Asobimo. There is why in most cases they can enjoy the new content than us, well, just consider them as test players lol.

New Base Class?!

So in this week, a new series of the event was held by them regarding new class and new floor map. Let’s check some related images below:

avabel online new class summoner is coming

new class summoner 2

new class summoner 3

Ok, so final appearance is out, seems like a girl from an exotic world. BTW, do you notice the weapon she is using?Well, we guess it could be summoning device related or something like that, magical apparatus blah blah.

Lucky, the official released a screenshot of summoner this morning:

screenshot of summoner in avabel online


So, some information we know about this new occupation till now is summed up:

  • Basic Class: summoner (fixed)
  • New Weapon Type: 魔具 in Japanese, the English translation maybe Maken-ki or a high tech summon device… (not fixed)
  • Unlock requirement: you need unlock its advanced classes by using Phantom Stone×15. (80% fixed)
  • Skills: use special device to summon monsters/tame tower mobs/battle Mech/sprite elements…(0%)
  • Advanced Classes List: ?!?!

avabel summoner new weapon Maken-ki or magicalwhat weapon summoner use

New Floor Map – Floating Continent?!

Apart from above, the game will release a new stratum area in the main tower – 浮遊大陸 in Japanese. (English translation should be around floating continent. (60% fixed)

Under normal circumstances, it would be same like other areas, which consists of 3 different maps too:

  • shell/aqua related theme (50%)
  • floating area and can be seen from base?! (50%)

That’s all news about it. Let’s get stay tuned! Please share this news with your Avabel friends and get them back to the game, Now!!!

White Day Event Prankster Prince’s Favor – Worth It?

Event Name: Prankster Prince’s Favor

Reward: Pick Ticket ×5/Others

Event-limited Avatar: Heart Crystal/Radiant Heart Crystal

Time Estimate: couple days

Recommend: ★★2

Step By Step Guide To Do White Day Event

First, you need to go to event square and find the NPC – soldiers of castle Cohard:

avabel white day event NPC-soldiers-of-castle-cohard-2

Our country’s prince loves pranks, and every day, we are all having a difficult time with that. Can you help me?

Talk to him, and you will be transferred to the map – Cohard Castle.

avabel online event map cohard-castleA bunch of NPCs out there. Talk to the childish NPC prankster prince cohard:

avabel white day event prankster-prince-cohard NPC

I changed all the names of the monster on the stadium map. There are names of monsters that have false names, so you have to find monsters with real names and beat 10 of the right ones. Can you do it?

Well, such a childish and foolish prince. Anyway, from here, you will run multiple times to the stadium map and take down the right monsters, you can talk to the Claire, she will transfer you there:

avabel white day event NPC servant-Claire

Take Down List: (prince’s favor series)

  • 1 – NEO Albero, Big Tree Monster, Orc, Albero
  • 2 – 10 Nelace
  • 3 – Batapen, Dotapen, Little Sis Monkey, Hyokopen.
  • 4 – Mills Golem
  • 5 – Gold Kodora

Please note, the Gold Kodora is not that big one, it is the golden color with a very quick movement speed lizard.

ultimate Kodora
ultimate Kodora not golden

Part 2 – Rescue Claire

After done the first part, you will be told that Claire was captured by the adjacent country. It seems that Cohard country was being invaded by the enemies.

Talk to the NPC – receptionist for cohard castle defense line to get the defense quest. Now run the dungeon with others:

NPC receptionist-for-cohard-castle-defense-line


Report the quest, you will get Medal for Cohard Castle’s Defence ×30 and Pack Tic x 5.

Their invasion stopped, as from the report, they seem to be incubating at the volcano. It looks like they are capturing Claire there.

Ok, so this is the clue. Talk to Rescuing Claire Receptionist do the event dungeon, here we suggest you do it with others, as the final boss Alec is a bit hard for avarage players.

The dungeon reward box contains the “certificate for contributing in rescuing Claire” which is necessary item for exchange the goods from NPC.

Part 3? Or Done?

Well, till here it seems all quests are cleared, and the only left thing is the event reward: some valuable items and avatar.

You can choose run “Rescue” or “Defence Line” as you wise, or even both. Use extra certificates and medals to trade goods from the NPC, list as below:

  • Heart Crystal = certificates ×90
  • Radiant Heart Crystal = certificates ×90 + Heart Crystal ×1
  • Balloon Head Box  = medals ×45
  • Heart Balloon Head(6 color) = medals ×60 + above material
  • ORB remover 100 ×30 c
  • ORB Box ×30 c
  • BOSS ORB Box ×70 c
  • crysta case extension book R ×50 m
  • element case extension book R ×50 m
  • evolution gangue ×50 m
  • emerald mellow statue ×10 m

I think the last due data of this event, the people will save the Claire and the childish prince will grow up lol.

We kindly thinking this event is just boring as hell, made for time killing and trolling us players from Asobimo lol. It cannot compete with the Chocolate event by all means.



avabel white day event limited avatar Heart-Crystal

Radiant-Heart-Crystal-avatar: (shinning)

avabel white day event limited radiant-heart-crystal-avatar

Heart-Balloon-Head-avatar-red: (total 6 colors)

avabel online white day event Prankster Prince's Favor

Today Is Dark Time Of Avabel; Unlimited Gold Bug Ruined It

Update: the dust settles, 0 bans on those accounts use the gold bug, but…check penalty details in the last paragraph!

Just around some hours ago, the biggest and severest bug in the Avabel Online history happened:

ANYONE can use advanced item shop NPC to get unlimited gold in the game.

Yes, we say, anyone, even a newly build character with 0 gold in his poor bags.

So how they found this bug?

No idea who found this bug first, but someone roaring on the channel and said buy a bunch of Evo liquid 12, you will get unlimited gold, after this, a ton of players rushed to the advanced item shop NPC and try the method. The scary thing is, it worked!

Let’s see the pictures below:

avabel gold bug - unlimited gold from Evo liquid

avabel gold bug - unlimited gold from Evo liquid image 2

avabel gold bug illustration

avabel gold bug, players got banned all

gold glitch in avabel online 2018/3/3

avabel gold ban, users got unlimited gold and avatars and awaken items

Text Explanation:

It’s very simple. Typically, Evo liquid is very expensive in this game. When you try to buy Evo liquid 9/10/11/12 in the advanced item shop, you should have enough gold to buy it.

But when you try to type any numbers worth more than 210M, it will wrong display a “−” symbol, and if you press OK button, the bug will happen! You will get a ton of gold. Just WTFFFFFF!!!!

After the first people revealed this, a lot of players go to leverage this bug and already got a lot of valuable items, which in a standard way some players maybe never can get it.

For example, Rift Stone 100R, Sot Release 100R and normal weapons with 11++. Some players even awaken their arms to the max level. Well well, Asobimo programmers are in danger…

Short after a while, the game prompted the maintenance news and quickly remove that “BUG NPC,” so will these players get banned? Or the data will roll back to some time point?

Who knows! But with the removal of the auction stall, it seems this company has no idea what they are doing, because the stall function is the most fun feature of the game, and a lot of players already left the game.

We will update this news when the news comes out, stay tuned!

Update: some players just told us, after the maintenance, nothing happened! That means, a lot of players now with more than billion gold and full sets of 5* awaken arms, and storage full of 999 rift stone, evo liquid and slot release, etc.

Well, at least those players were brave to do it. So what do you think about it, is this fair to you?

*the news article provides by the player: worxxxx

Final Update: the company finally release the penalty measures 10 minutes ago:

For those who maliciously used this bug, that character will result in debt with -999,999,999 gold, while other characters under the same account will all reset to 0 gold lol.

avabel gold-bug-compensation-1 gem

avabel online gold-bug-penalty


But, all items purchased by using the malfunction gold will be still there! Well, so this is the final penalty from this dark event, if you were too greedy, your have no choice but delete all your characters and start from 0 again, but if you are not that greedy…

So what do you think about it?

Kitty Concert Event – 100% Get A Kitty Fever Orb Now!

Event Name: Kitty Concert

Reward: Kitty Fever Orb ×1 (click to check all ORB list)

Event-limited Avatar: ear and tail.

Time Estimate: 2 hours to couple hours

Recommend: ★★★★★5

Step By Step Guide To Do Kitty Concert

First, go to the event square map and find the NPC Nomia at the front door:

avabel kitty-fever-NPC-Nomia

Nomia told you she is a superstar in the making! She is going to hold a concert! But there are not many fans yet. So she needs your help to make a flier sample first to see if the quality is good.

Accept the quest here and talk to the NPC Ogusta besides her:

avabel kitty-fever-NPC-ogusta

Ogusta can make fliers but need required materials: quality paper. Now you need run dungeons to collect enough quality papers:

avabel event square NPC-Crecia

You have to runs Kitty Concert Goods event dungeon multiple times in order to get enough materials. Talk to NPC Crecia at event square and join others’ party. Teamwork is highly recommended here because, with a full 6 people party, all players can open 9 reward boxes with the right management. Means more event items each time.

avabel online event-Kitty-concert-dungeon map 1

avabel online event-Kitty-concert-map 2

avabel online event-Kitty-fever-map 3

*The dungeon will cost 25 DP each time. And the monsters in this dungeon is very weak. A random boss will appear in the third map of each direction.

When you run out the dungeon points, you can switch to other characters if there are any. More characters, more efficient.

Now you should get enough papers. Check the recipes at Ogusta and make a kitty promotion flier sample for Nomia.

Step 2: help Nomia get fans!

It seems Nomia is very satisfied with the sample quality. She will give you a new quest: Promotion in Event Square.

You need make 9 more concert fliers and give them to three NPCs at Square. Every 5 quality papers can produce 1 kitty promotion flyer. So you may need run more dungeons to collect 45 more papers, in total.

After finishing it, you will get an event coin as the reward.

Nomia is very happy with the result. Now she wants you to do more promotion job at these places:

  • land of the thousand-year-old tree
  • jelly coast
  • fascinating room

avabel event map land-of-the-thousand-year-old-tree

avabel online jelly-coast-map


You will be teleported to these maps. Better prepare enough fliers before you go there, so totally another 45 papers are needed. Each map has three new NPCs.

You will get 3 event coins after you clear this step.

Final Part: concert starts!

New quest comes up:

I want everyone in the concert to wear Kitty Ears and Kitty Tails! But since the advertisement was a huge success, I don’t have enough… Please help me!

The concert is ready! But Nomia need kitty fever kit ×12, produce for her! Each kit requires 5 quality furs. Fur is also can be dropped from the goods dungeon.

You will get 2 new avatars as payback:

kitty ears white color:

avabel new avatar Kitty Ears white

kitty tail white color:

avabel online Kitty Tail avatar white color

Talk to her again, and you will be transferred to the final concert map – Cinematic Mansion.

avabel event map Cinematic-Mansion

Report to her and the event quest is done. Happy Superstar Nomia!

Wait! Do you see the green text prompt on the screen? Click Achieve button on the left screen avabel achieve-button or Achievement option achievement-iconin the Chara, receive your orb now!

avabel kitty-fever-orb-achievement

You may see two new NPC there:


Kitty Ogusta will make more ears and tails for you, only if you provide more materials to him. But it’s just too many asked and also time-consuming, and you may result in produce the same avatar again and again…

*the list contains more rare colors like brown, black, and tortoiseshell.

Mania will exchange your avatar set with either Kitty ORB box or event coins. It just pushes players further from getting more orbs though.

Wandering Soul Event – Ultimate Pet Ophelia?

Event Name: Wandering Soul

Goal: 4 event-limited pets.

Pro: Chance to win rare pets.

Con: Not newbie friendly, hard to farm.

Recommend: ★★★★


Event Step 1: Get Enough Evolve Materials

Before you can do this quest, make sure your character has already finished the 36F Stufe floor release quest. That means you need to enter into the Ghost Town Area, which consists of 37F Desastle, 38F Entre, and 39F Soulus.

If you reached only floor 37, you can’t get all evolve materials. Also, 37F does not drop all quest items.

So in this guide, we presume you cleared all floor quests and reached the final map already.

First, let’s go to event square. On the right-hand of the map, a couple of NPC are just standing there:

wandering soul main NPC Necro-and-Simone

Talk to the Simone first. He says:

It seems like it has detected something unsettling in the abandoned village. We want you all to research.

The first quest he will give you is collecting event-limited items:

  • Athame×99
  • Pentacles×99
  • Keter×99

To tell the truth, this is not easy at all. From our test, it seems the 37F only drops Athame, while 38F drops all items but the rate is a bit low. The best farm place is 39F, as the map is small enough for monster killing. Also, the drop rate of Keter seems higher than the first two floors in Ghost Town.

Do not farm at 37F, go to 39F as quick as you can and party with other players. Full 6 people group will increase 20% drop rate as we talked before.

You may need farm several hours before getting enough items. It’s a long haul. After it, get back to base and report, you will get a black tarot ×1.

Next, the Creeping Monster quest requires you kill 15 Cistoir. It is the origin boss of 38F.


You could expect a lot of players are already there to farming it. Join them or quick deal enough damage to it; this part is not hard though.

You can get Magic Doll ×1.

The last part of this series is called Evil Footstep. You need to take down 15 Vandetta -the final floor boss of 39.


avabel online 39F-boss-vandetta-image

avabel 39F vandetta-boss-HD

Monsters at this floor hit hard, and too many people are farming around this spot 24/7 make it very hard to share the kill. If you have no enough damage, try to get into a boss group.

Many parties set the limit to join, for example, rebirth times and levels requirement. If you fail too many times, try to switch to channel 2 and look for a group.

Hard grinding awards you Holy Grail ×1.

Step 2: Farm To Death…

The materials you get from step 1 is the necessary items to evolve your pet to the max star level. But wait! Where is your pet?!

Good question! You may have left more Athame, Pentacles, Keter in your bags after you submit the quest above.

avabel 3-ritual-lotto-NPC Roto, Io, Yomi

Try pet lotto spin by using extra event items at these NPCs. The reward pools are same, so collect any of three things. But you will find farming at 39F is the best choice and seems the winning rate of Keter is a bit higher?!

What we need here is Anima Stone.

The Test Data On Our Side:

Keter: total 90 spins, Anima Stone×18, Sprout of Hope ×1.

Pentacles: total 40 spins, 3 stones.

Athame: total 20 spins, 4 stones.

avabel pet-ritual - summon-NPC-mathias

You can spend 5 anima stones to exchange a wandering soul pet. The pet will be sent to your GM mail, check it there. You can even equip it:

avabel wandering-soul-pet HD image

Looks not bad right?

Step 3: Evolve Your Pet

Check the wandering soul pet description:

HP:10. A soul that was summoned from another world by the magical procedure. Shows the correct form by evolving it.

Well, it seems you have to evolve this soul.

The Amulet is the necessary item to evolve a soul. You can synthesize it at NPC Necro besides Simone. By default, you need a lot of materials to create it, though the game is trying to persuade you buying the ring – Septile Ring. Equip this ring can show the hidden recipe option, which can lower the 50 amount to 10. Well, hard promotion lol.

Anyway, we still suggest you spend 5 gems to purchase it. Because it is a pain to farm those items.

avabel online Ophelia

From the test, there is a high chance to get Ophelia, but the rate to get your desired status is entirely up to your luck. The default level of such rare pets is 2.

Final Thoughts?

Normal, each player can get a pet for free at the NPC – Pet Breeder Caron. If you dislike the default pet, you can also choose to use pack tickets or gems to spin in the shop. A lot of new pets out there. There is also unique pet fests like this which can also let you have a chance to win event-limited pets:

avabel super-pet-fest

For those new players that can not reach the high floor levels, this may be the only way to get it. But why Macabre and Ophelia are the best?

The max level Macabre can add 10% more damage to monsters while the little girl can raise your single status by 40, which is so scary.

After you get your desired pet, feed it to max EXP and evolve it. This is a long journey, so be prepared! Comment below to tell us what you have got!

Wandering Soul:

avabel wandering soul pet image

Mischievous Soul:

avabel Mischievous Soul pet image


avabel Macabre pet image


avabel online ultimate pet Ophelia image






Avabel Valentine Event, How To Get Heartbeat Avatar?

Event Name: Valentine Day – Chocor Patisserie

Reward: Special Valentine Accessory Avatar

Recommend: ★★★★★ 15 stars!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. This year, that famous Chocor Patisserie is hiring disciple.

Do you know chocor patisserie, famous for romance bringing chocolate? I thought I’d get it this year, but the reservation is full already. I know this is asking too much, but please become a Chocolatier and make me chocolate! From NPC – Milly

Quickly check the heartbeat avatar image here.

2016 Valentine Box Ava list here.

Valentine Event: Part 1

You need walk into the event square at the base, a big cake standing out there:


At the right-hand you could see 3 NPC there:

  • Milly
  • Lea
  • Keil

Milly is useless here. Lea wants you to accept the entrance exam quest first before you can enter the event map.

Talk with NPC Keil and do the quest he asks. You will be transferred to a dedicated field:


Take down these monster chefs; it’s easy. Please note, no matter how hard you hit, you can only dealt 1 point damage to these monsters though.

After clear the entrance exam, you can transfer to the event map – Valentown by talking to the NPC Lea.

The place is wonderful with chocolate town theme; everything seems edible?! Yummy! Take a look at the screenshot pictures below:

avabel event map Valentown picture 1

avabel event map Valentown picture 2

avabel event map Valentown picture 3

avabel event map Valentown picture 4

avabel event map Valentown picture 5

Straight walk into the chocolate shop and talk to Chocolin. In the beginning, you need teleport to a map and kill 4 chef Chocoves:

NPC-Chocolin-quest kill 4 chef chocove

After you proved yourself, he will then give you a series of new quests which require you kill monsters in the dungeon.

  • Aim for Chocolatier 1: defeat Chocolin ×10
  • Aim for Chocolatier 2: defeat Chocob ×10
  • Aim for Chocolatier 3: defeat Chocove ×10

Go outside the shop, talk to the NPC Quest/Dungeon/Mission Emma. You can join other’s event party or start a new one. Watch out your DP carefully, as the high level will consume more dungeon points.

Valentown aim for chocolatier dungeon

You may need run a couple of times in order to finish all of these quests.

avabel chocolin-monster

avabel chocob-monster

avabel chocove-monster

*No need party with others in the dungeon, as others’ kill also count for yours.

After you clear this part, the new quest “Novice Chocolatier” appear, accept it. NPC Chocolin wants below items:

  • Overcooked Choco Macaroon ×2
  • Green Ganache ×2
  • Jet Black Choco Cookie ×2

Clam down! Do you still remember the reward boxes you open?

avabel reward-room treasure boxes

Exactly it is! You will get event-related items each time you finish a dungeon run. Till here, you must have got enough items, talk with the NPC Chocove outside:

avabel npc-chocove-synthesis-recipes

You can check all making treat synthesis recipes:

  • Make Merengue:
    require: something’s egg ×2
    created: superb merengue × 2  70% rate
                   creepy merengue × 1   30% rate
  • Red Nut Powder:
    require: red nut ×2
    created: red nut powder ×4  100% rate
  • Blue Nut Powder:
    require: blue nut ×2
    created: blue nut powder ×4  100% rate
  • Make Ganache:
    require: lovely chocolate ×5  extraordinary cream ×5
    created: green Ganache ×1 70% Good-looking-Ganache ×1 30%
  • Make Choco Cookie:
    require: lovely chocolate ×5 blue nut powder ×10 something’s egg ×5 pure white sugar ×5
    created: jet black Choco cookie ×1 70% mild Choco cookie ×1 30%
  • Make Macaroon:
    material: lovely choclate ×5  blue nut powder ×5  superb merengue ×10
    output: overcooked Choco macaroon ×1 70% colorful Choco macaroon ×1 30%
  • Make chocolate cake:
    material: lovely chocolate ×5 red nut powder ×10 extraordinary cream ×10 superb merengue ×10 pure white sugar ×5
    create: crooked chocolate cake ×1 70% vitalizing chocolate cake ×1 30%

You may need to go to floor 1 or 2 to farm the red/blue nuts.

*you have to click Deliver button to choose the necessary items, or it will always show 0 even you already got enough collection.

The rewards are custom cook hat order×1 and Nov Chocolatier Cert×1.

Part 2, road to Pro Chef

You are not an amateur anymore. Now you are a novice chef. You can see some new NPC just appear in the town. Check new NPC Chocolin; he will give you quests to become a Pro in cooking:

Outsides shop NPC now provide more advanced synthesis list which gives you a higher rate to produce quality items. Produce these to him and submit.

  • Good Looking Ganache×3
  • Mild Choco Cookie×3
  • Colorful Choco Macaroon×3
  • Vitalizing Chocolate Cake×7

You will get Cook Hat Ext Cloth×1 and Pro Chocolatier Cert×1.

Another NPC chef Chocor comes up from thin air.


Keep doing the quest here, first, produce these items for him:

  • chocor ganache collect ×3
  • chocor choco cookie×3
  • chocor choco macaroon×3
  • choco choco cake×7

As a result, you get HQ Cook Hat Ext Cloth×1 and Ex Chocolatier Cert×1.

Accept the new quest – legendary recipe 1. He wants you to find the hidden recipe. Follow the clue and go to 24F, Mikagra.

hidden-recipe-monster 24F

This mob will drop the recipe 1, take back and report. Go to 17F Tlumus, 23F Senju, and 8F Knicks respectively to find other event mobs.

hidden-recipe-monster-2 17F

avabel hidden-recipe quest-3-monster-23F

avabel hidden-recipe-4-monster-8F

*After this, Chocor will give you a series of Chef take down quests which are completely misleading and useless to get the heartbeat avatar so that you can pass them.

Part 3, secret heartbeat avatar is coming…


Now check the middle Chocolin NPC in the shop, a new series making treat quests should appear in the list. If you want to make the lovely chef hat avatar, you may have to finish all of these, because of the key material – custom chef hat order×2.

Or you just want to get the heart avatar, then try the Choco Decoration – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. After doing it, the final quest Valentine’s Day will unlock at NPC Milly:

Valentine's-Day-quest milly

Thank you so much, adventurer. Do you remember that I was declared love from Alc before? I am kind of shy, and I couldn’t answer at that time. From then, we got uncomfortable… But to tell the truth, I like him. So I want to tell him that this time. Thank you. I will make this chocolate and take it to Alc.

Apparently, Milly is waiting for the chocolate recipe. Produce this unique recipe for her at NPC Chocor beside her and report back. You will get 2016 Valentine Box ×3.

Till here, final quest – Chocolate Artisan 1/2/3 is coming up at the Chocolin, new additional orders need to be made, and you will get 30 event coin as rewards. Also, each time you submit enough cooking dish, you will get 4 special Valentine limited avatars.

snipe heart avatar:


avabel online Valentine avatar snipe-heart

heart beat avatar:

avabel online Valentine avatar heartbeat

broken heart avatar:

avabel online valentine day avatar broken-heart

moodiness pheromone avatar:

avabel valentine avatar moodiness pheromone


Chocolate Artisan Quest is by far the longest event quest in avabel online. So be prepared to farm those materials all day, even with multiple characters. You may also need to spend gems to purchase DP waters. Though it’s a pain to do it, the rewards are well worth it!

There is a dungeon called “risky kitchen” though. We found that it has some bugs which may not show “Chocor ORB NPC” for most players. Well, this dungeon does not drop any special items, just same as sweet kitchen drops. So we highly recommend neglect it.

Finally, you have done all Valentine’s day event quests and got your dream avatar – heartbeat, etc. Below appendix shows the cook hat avatar you can make through the way. (each one has 4 colors version)


nov cook hat: (4 colors)

nov-cook-hat-avatar avabel

Pro cook hat:

avabel pro-cook-hat-avatar

Ex cook hat:

avabel ex-cook-hat-avatar

Lovely chef hat:

avabel lovely-chef-hat-avatar

2016 Valentine Box contains below ava items:

  • Fairy Tale Food A/B/C
  • Nov Lovely Cook Hat A/B/C
  • Pro Lovely Cook Hat A/B/C
  • Melty Heart A/B/S/S-A/S-B
  • Pure Guard A/B/C/S/S-A/S-B/S-C