One of the most fun, enjoyable features of Avabel Online is class selection for players. You have to choose a job when you reached level 5 just like any RPG games. There is total 9 basic/starter Class:

A brief introduction to all basic classes:




A class that uses physical strength and powerful melee attacks.



A technical job which capable of both short and long ranged attacks.



She is specializing in long ranged attacks using bows and guns.



Enable simple item creation and also capable of battle using wide ranged attack and support skills.



Magic masters. They make long to short ranged attacks possible by freely controlling various magics.



Those healers are specializing in support battle and others by using the most powerful healing ability.



A special profession with the strength to attack in a wide range, mainly using spears. Its advanced choices have recovery, magic, supporting skills proving free style of play.



This mysterious human will show their real power when being cornered. Maybe they are hiding something.


avabel online basic class - summoner image

A mysterious girl who uses the exotic weapon to summon powerful things.

This brief guide by no means will include everything you want to know. This is just an illustration for beginners, maybe you are confusing what to choose to play with and afraid waste too much time on a disliked one later.

You can choose your first class by instinct. If you decide to change current class after play a while with it, you can reset unlimited times before you reached level 30.

If you do not want t test yourself,  we recommend click each term at the beginning to visit the individual class page, you can read everything including its skills and branches data, images, weapon usage, stats build methods, tricks, etc.

Avabel Online advanced classes list


After you reached level 50, 60, or 70, you can separately unlock a much more powerful class of every base job. Each origin type has 8 advanced subclasses.


Level 50 player can unlock 5 regular classes with spending sharp crystal&hard crystal and Orbs; level 60 can change to another two 3 × gangue class; while level 70 can open the final 5 × evolution gangue class.


Whole tree list as below:

Advanced Class NameNormal (Lv50 can unlock)    3×Evolution Gangue (Lv60 requirement) 5×Evolution Gangue
(Lv70 requirement)
WarriorGladiatorCrusaderPaladinSamuraiStingerBladerFire BringerDark Knight
RogueDebusterStorm RaiderAssassinShinobiRavenRaidenClownSoul Breaker
RangerSniperGunslingerTrap GunnerGambitElfeenDouble BarrelFortressAzusa Yoichi
CreatorBlacksmithAlchemistEnchanterCrafterBattle CrackerPlanterBattle ForceViking
MagicianWizardElementalistLost SpellerSoul BladerDark PainIgniteGlacialSylwinder
AcolytePriestLinkerMonkExorcistLeg SolAngelusGradiaYin Yang Master
WandererBardSpikerBattle DancerPainterUndineGeo DancerHermitAncient
RevengerVampireNightmarePhantom GunnerInfernoCleaverExecutionerMaster PuppeteerGrim Reaper

You can switch between these classes anytime. Only, a character should meet the level requirement and has enough materials like crystals and evolution gangue. Though master a job first before you move to another is highly recommended!

*the 9th new class is going out soon, stay tuned.

We will give you more clues to help you make your final decision at below part:

Best class in avabel online?

It’s all about style though, and you know it! So there is no best or worst class in this game, all jobs are fun to play and have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, you may consider a class good at farming but it maybe not that good when in a raid or party, simple as that.

However, in some cases, it may fall into some narrower options:

Easiest Class?

This is one of the most asked questions from the newcomers. For many new players, they haven’t played too many video games, thus have few experience regarding a complicated RPG, and don’t forget, a lot of female players among us.

Ranger and Magician belong to this category. Because they can attack from a very long distance, no melee requirement, no need dodge or avoid monsters’ attacks at a sudden given short time. The skills and builds are also relatively easy to understand for a newbie.

avabel online best farming class? Rogue and master puppeteer

Farming Class?

In fact, more than 80% players will choose PVE style in any online MMORPG games, for example, WOW. The same happens in here too.

Majority players just love to grinding, either solo or with a party.

The best farming class in our opinion are Rogue and Revenger, more precisely, raven and master puppeteer. Skills like raven dagger and lethal dolls are born for that. That is why you can always see those players grinding at 1F to do 100K kill daily achievement.

Magician is also good at solo, but not that effective. The massive advantage of a speller is large AOE range attacks.

*master puppeteer is always the highest DPS class, because of the imba skills of it.

Healer Road?

We cant neglect the truth that lots of players like to support others, then a healer class would be a good choice. Acolyte is mainly for this purpose.

The priest branch is good at heal wounds with their holy skills. Another good supporter can be Creator. They can cast AOE potion mist which could recover a significant amount of HP. Paladin is a bit lamb on such task though.


Avabel is not a pay to win game. However, if you are willing to spend real cash in the game, you can hugely reduce the time span to be an OP player very quickly. FYI, op means over-powered.

Still, you can farm everything by hard work grinding; it should be very time-consuming though, you need finish 100K daily take down every single day.

In a nutshell, there is no strongest class, balanced game design. But for PVP battle, rogue and magician apparently more popular than others.

Only For Fun?

The most fun class must be different in different players’ eye. But if one means the skills, fun to play, hilarious and sth like that, you should consider trying clown, trap gunner, alchemist, planter, crafter, Viking, yin yang master, bard or painter.

Hope this overview guide can help clear some of your thoughts, please visit the individual page to check more information of a single advanced class.