Avatar is special costumes players can wear to change the appearance of a character. It can be a weapon avatar, armor, or even an accessory part.

Though it will not affect the players’ status, it is still a great feature of avabel which many many people just love to collect as many different avatars as possible, just because it’s so cool!

If you ever wondered how those people make their weapon glowing like OMG, well yeah, it is an Avatar!

how to equip avatar in avabel

Click Chara ⇒ Avatar below the screen and open the menu, you can attach at most 8 avatars to your character:

  • RW: right-hand weapon
  • LW: left-hand weapon
  • Head
  • Upper
  • Lower
  • Ac 1: accessory 1 slot
  • Ac 2
  • Ac 3

By default: the Ac 3 is locked. You have to use an “Acc. Slot Expansion R” to unlock it. Unfortunately, you can’t get it even from spin in-shop. The only way is to exchange that from the NPC – Recycle Shop Amiche. The bad news is, it requires player spend 150000 RP which is ridiculously expensive and impossible for 95% players.

The game allows you register total three set avatars. You can quickly switch between them through the button or shortcut; this is useful in some cases.

So you may ask:

where to get avatars?

  • Spin your gems in the game shop
  • Event&quest limited ones
  • Open avatar boxes, for example, red&blue chic boxes.
  • Spend points to exchange
  • Use boss crystal to make Boss R avatar

The most straightforward way to get an avatar is spin in-shop, and this is the primary income source of this game, to be honest.

You need gems to spin. avabel gems icon HD

Anyway, gems are not cheap. Most premium avatar set need 5 gems to spin one time, at alone, it is not guaranteed you get what you want. So its pretty much a lucky game.

1 gem ≈ $1

Events are very frequently. Often, players can get limited event avatar through finishing the required quests. That means, every player in the game can get it, and such avatars usually cannot get from Shop.

You can regard this as free avatar gift. So take any chances do it if you are eager to collect more.

There are many kinds of boxes in this game. Exciting boxes, chic boxes, recycle boxes, etc. You can get random items from those, as well as rare avatars. We will write more about this topic later.

As we said in part above, recycle NPC Amiche will exchange your useless avatars to points. Then, the player can spend points to trade some unique costumes.

Boss R avatar is a particular series, we have written about it on another page, check it please follow the link.

*Avatar doesn’t drop from monsters. Also, selling those to store is a bad idea, it worth too less gold. Better to exchange to points or just deposit it into the storage.

Happy collection everyone!

All Avatar Archive: in name/date format

2013 Whole List

Beast Pack
Schwartz Pack
Fes Pack  2013/8
Medics Pack  2013/8
March Pack  2013/8
Aqua Avatar
Egyptian  *no image file
Wonder  2013/8

Halloween Pack   2013/9
SHINOBI Pack   2013/10
Silkus Pack  2013/10
Necross Pack 2013/10
China Pack  2013/11
2013 Christmas Pack  2013/11
Astoria Pack  2013/12
Jipang Pack  2013/12
Unicorn Pack  2013/12

2014 Whole Archive:

Darkness Pack 2014/1
Chocolat Pack 2014/1
Holy Pack 2014/2
Weiss Pack 2014/2
Gunner Pack  2014/3
Dragoon Pack  2014/3
Avars Pack 2014/4
Easter Pack  2014/4
Elder Pack  2014/4
Yggdra Pack  2014/5
Wedding Pack  2014/5
Gothic  2014/6
Imperial Pack  2014/6
Sengoku Pack 2014/7
Viking Pack  2014/7
Sand Beach  2014/7
Navy Pack  2014/8
Assassin Pack  2014/8
Butler  2014/8
Vampire Pack  2014/9
Fleur Pack 2014/10
Premium Devine  2014/10
Premium Shrine Pack  2014/11
Icy&Snowy Pack  2014/12
2014 Christmas Pack  2014/12
Murai Farm  2014/12
Year’s Animal  2014/12
Diablo  2014/12

2015 Whole Archive:

Minds Eye Pack 2015/1
Silver Wolf 2015/2
Holy Imperial Pack 2015/2
Mechanic 2015/3
Elven 2015/3
Royal Heart 2015/4
Demons 2015/4
Phalanx 2015/5
Phantom 2015/5
Army 2015/6
Valkyrie 2015/6
Aquatic 2015/7
Fencer 2015/7
Scorpion 2015/8
Pirate 2015/8
Soul Hunter 2015/8
Elixir 2015/9
Metal Marionettist 2015/9
Officer 2015/10
Yaksha 2015/10
Drago Knight 2015/11
2015 Christmas Avatar 2015/11
Rakshasa 2015/12
Zodiac-MK 2015/12
Dusk Crow 2015/12

2016 Archive List:

Exoskeleton 2016/1
Nordic Glacier 2016/1
Night Cat 2016/1
Berserker 2016/2
Kronos 2016/2
ASOBIMO Pack 2016/2
Splendor 2016/2
Revolutionist 2016/3
Arms 2016/3
Academy 2016/3
April Suit 2016/4
Ifrit 2016/4
N. Kagura 2016/4
Prima​ 2016/4
Dynast Dragon 2016/4
Premium El Dorado Pack 2016/5
Araneae 2016/5
Obscurite 2016/5
Malachite 2016/5
Cosmo Sphere 2016/5
Corruption 2016/6
Splash Beach 2016/6
Malulani 2016/7
NPC Jackpot 2 2016/7
Summer Fest 2016/7
Roseritter 2016/8
Devil Buster 2016/8
Battle School 2016/9
Tri-Tre 2016/9
Pair Aer 2016/10
Falfeather 2016/10
Magi Knight 2016/11
Merry Reindeer 2016/11
Zodiac-RS 2016/12

2017 Archive List:

Dark Quartz 2017/1
Class Impersonator 2017/1
Dark Night Assassin 2017/1
Bunny PJs 2017/2
Class Impersonator 2 2017/2
Auratus 2017/2
Glauser 2017/3
Class Impersonator 3 2017/3
Alice 2017/3
Paper Animal 2017/4
Class Impersonator 4 2017/4
Swallowtail 2017/4
Erlight 2017/4
Class Impersonator 5 2017/5
Tactician 2017/5
Marriage 2017/5
PZ Ninja 2017/6
Glary Summer 2017/6
Ying Yang 2017/7
Chevalier 2017/7
Groovy 2017/8
Karasu Tengu 2017/8
Moon Viewing 2017/8
Demonic 2017/9
School 2017/9
Rough School 2017/9
Holy Fox 2017/9
Haunted 2017/10
Imperial Daemon 2017/10
Red Chestnut 2017/10
Archangel 2017/11
Illumination 2017/11
Sacred Song 2017/11
Christmas Party 2017/12
Dog Beast 2017/12

2018 Now (updating…)

Mysterious Wolf 2018/1
Premium Shadow Demon 2018/1
Premium Avenger 2018/1
Premium Dragon King 2018/2

Penetrate 2018/2/16


spring3 *no image file
summer collection
halloween party pack
2015 New Year Accessory Pack
Stop Snowing
Spring Weather
Spring FunPack
June pack
merry sweet
Head Only Fest

Magi Festival


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