People lived on this continent called this evil tower “Avabel” after kept fighting with monsters flowed out from it for a hundred years. Heroes from this world finally reached the gate of the main tower. It’s time to counterattack.

They started to climb the tower’s floor one by one but soon found that it seems there is no end of it.

Till now, they struggled to make it to floor 39 while having a fierce battle with the BOSS Vandetta there.

update: floating continent map 40F, 41F, 42F added! (2018/3/14)

avabel online all floors, total 39 as of now

So in order to help the heroes, you are trying to climb the highest floor and solve all of this with them. You need clear quests of each map; each map is a floor level.

For example, when you first time enter the tower, you are on the floor 1(or 1F). After you finish all tasks NPC can give you on this map; you can use the portal to transfer to the next floor – 2F.

How many floors in Avabel?


There are total 39 floors as of now. Also, a rumor said it would add to 100 in March 2018.

Each big map consists of three floor levels and within one particular theme. For example, 1F, 2F, 3F belong to the Grassland area; same to 4F+5F+6F = Wetland Area; 7F+8F+9F = Snow Mountain; 10F+11F+12F = Cave; 13F+14F+15F = Desert; 16F+17F+18F= Resort; 19F+20F+21F = Rocky Hill; 22F+23F+24F = Japan Garden; 25F+26F+27F = Wasteland; 28F+29F+30F = Ancient City; 31F+32F+33F = World Tree; 34F+35F+36F = Toy Park; 37F+38F+39F = Ghost Town, etc…

Every two floors there is a middle boss, while every three floors there is a final BOSS.

All floors listed as below:

Feel free to click quick links above to redirect to specific floor data page. In those pages you can check each monster’s name, HD image, level, HP, EXP&JEXP when killed by players, element, type, and unique drop items.

By providing such detailed data, new players could have a quick glance of all floors, reduce the hard time they may face.

We are also going to give you some hints to help you quickly master each map of the Avabel main tower:

Best floor to farm EXP&JEXP?

Experienced players love to farm at floor 18 – Caplia. One reason why here is the highest monster density on this map. Feel it yourself:

18-floor-caplia map

Other reasons include these mobs are weak, easy to AOE, bulk kill, a majority of monsters belong to Water element and Aqua type. You can deal much more damage without worry too much about the attribute conflict.

Still, a lot of players tend to farm at 22F – Shizima:


It is also an excellent place to gain a significant amount of EXP&JEXP.

In the old version of this game, 5F – Esuna is a secret place to gain a ton of JEXP; it’s even better than the 100 level unlimited dungeon (old version).

5F Esuna has a lot skilled mobs in the old version

Because the “skilled” title monsters in this map, you can get much more Job Exp than a normal mob, though, in the “RE monster” update, skilled monsters removed from Avabel.

7F colt is good too. The spot in the image below has enough monsters, and RE mobs are appearing very frequently.

7F-colt nice place to farm JEXP and EXP

12F has also had very high-density monsters on the map:

12F-Digha high density monster in the map

The drawback is no RE mobs in the entrance spot, which made it not the No.1 place to farm.

For OP (overpowered) players, the best farm spot is in the 39F, Soulus.

39F-Soulus best farm place for OP players

You should aim the RE mobs here; they could give you enough experiences for a fantastic quick 8 rebirth.

Soulus is the final floor as of now, while 39F is the last level but consider the news published by the game company, this number may soon come to 100?!

Hope this brief guide can help you! If you have any thoughts or your secret places want to share, please comment below and let more players learn your impressive tricks!