There is a special kind avatar in Avabel Online. It is called Boss R avatar.

Unlike those normal avatars you get from events or premium ones from the shop spin, the boss avatar is only can be made by using a key material named crystal.

avabel boss crystal icon

Boss crystal is a very rare item in the game. Till now, there are total 14 different kinds of crystals/nucleation:

  • beast crystal – 3F
  • aqua crystal – 6F
  • snow crystal – 9F
  • core crystal – 12F
  • deep cry nucleation – 15F
  • sea crystal -18F
  • rock dragon crystal -21F 
  • ghost crystal – 24F
  • dynast crystal – 27F
  • dark crystal – 30F
  • tree soldiers crystal – 33F
  • mech lord crystal – 36F
  • fiend crystal – 39F
  • ??? (Third Anniversary event boss crystal?)

How to get boss crystals?

Till now, there are only 5 ways you can get it:

  • Drop from big bosses on every third floor at around 0.05% drop rate. (e.g. 3F, 6F, 9F, 30F)
  • Hidden achievement. Kill 1000 original boss on any third floor, and you will get one crystal of that boss as a reward.
  • Advent dungeon treasure box. Low chance to get it.
  • Boss crystal box from the in-game shop or related events. 100% chance to get. (include log in bonus)
  • Spend XX amount event coin to exchange crystals from NPC – Ranm on Event Square map. (check our NPC list page to read more details)

Synthesis requirements:


Boss R Weapon Avatar:

4 crystals + 10 corresponding boss materials

Boss R Armor Avatar:

6 crystals + 20 corresponding boss materials

Boss Materials List: from 3F – 39F

  • beast claw ×10
  • beast limb ×10
  • aqualord fang ×10
  • aqualord fin ×10
  • snow stone ×10
  • snow wheel ×10
  • centi-tail ×10
  • centi-thread ×10
  • deep cry mask ×10
  • deep cry stones ×10
  • sea canon ×10
  • see gold coin ×10
  • rock dragon scale ×10
  • rock dragon wind ×10
  • ghost 8 hand fan ×10
  • ghost staff ×10
  • dynast shell ×10
  • dynast tentacle ×10
  • knighthod captain medal ×10
  • dark wings ×10
  • tree soldiers fist ×10
  • tree soldiers wood ×10
  • mech lord crown ×10
  • mech lord rod ×10
  • fiend tentacle ×10
  • fiend heart core ×10


*Each has two sets of Avatar, corresponding with an original boss and its subspecies, the main difference between them is color. For example, 3F boss Jabbawock and Greed, avatar colors should be green and pink-red.

*You need have at least one crystal to see the hidden recipe at NPC – Synthesis Merris. Only hold materials will not let you see the options.

All Boss R Avatar List:

Click on weapon or armor name will direct you to that page, you can check all HD images of R series avatar.

Weapon R:

Armor R