Hi guys!

Welcome to this tiny About Us page of Avabel site!

Here we are a group of big fans of this MMORPG mobile game, and since 5 years ago we have devoted a lot of real life time, cash, love, whatever you name into this awesome game.

The early days of this game are relatively easy like you can tell, build a character, farm to the highest floor and you are done, the left things would just improve your equipment, skills, PVP towers with friends, etc…

Soon this game is becoming more and more popular among the world, each day a lot of newbie players flow in the game and attracted by the gameplay of it, along with this, the game development team is highly active and promote events in a very high frequency. Plus some big change of game now it becomes one of the most complicated game systems compares with other popular mobile games.

The real question is, every single day, we can see a lot of players got questions here and there, from game system to a large variety of things related, and what made me amazed is, there is NO SUCH A WIKI KNOWLEDGE SITE about this mobile game!!

To be precise, there are 1 or 2 sites talked about this game but either not active or completely outdated, so our guild&group finally decide to make a site, which should contain EVERYTHING YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT AVABEL.

That’s why we here and why you here.

avabel cover

We suggest you read the homepage thoroughly and learn how to use this website, if you happen to fail to find what you need, please let us know or ask us question about this game on frequently asked questions section.

At last, have fun, my pal 🙂

Reach us at avabelonline at GMX dot com. Or comment below anything related with this game, we are looking forward to hear your thoughts!