As we all know there are total 8 basic Class and 64 advanced Class in the game Avabel Online. Now, the 9th base class is coming – Summoner.

update: summoner page and skills added, click to check it!

The global server is a bit behind compared with the Japanese server because the game is developed by the Japan company, Asobimo. There is why in most cases they can enjoy the new content than us, well, just consider them as test players lol.

New Base Class?!

So in this week, a new series of the event was held by them regarding new class and new floor map. Let’s check some related images below:

avabel online new class summoner is coming

new class summoner 2

new class summoner 3

Ok, so final appearance is out, seems like a girl from an exotic world. BTW, do you notice the weapon she is using?Well, we guess it could be summoning device related or something like that, magical apparatus blah blah.

Lucky, the official released a screenshot of summoner this morning:

screenshot of summoner in avabel online


So, some information we know about this new occupation till now is summed up:

  • Basic Class: summoner (fixed)
  • New Weapon Type: 魔具 in Japanese, the English translation maybe Maken-ki or a high tech summon device… (not fixed)
  • Unlock requirement: you need unlock its advanced classes by using Phantom Stone×15. (80% fixed)
  • Skills: use special device to summon monsters/tame tower mobs/battle Mech/sprite elements…(0%)
  • Advanced Classes List: ?!?!

avabel summoner new weapon Maken-ki or magicalwhat weapon summoner use

New Floor Map – Floating Continent?!

Apart from above, the game will release a new stratum area in the main tower – 浮遊大陸 in Japanese. (English translation should be around floating continent. (60% fixed)

Under normal circumstances, it would be same like other areas, which consists of 3 different maps too:

  • shell/aqua related theme (50%)
  • floating area and can be seen from base?! (50%)

That’s all news about it. Let’s get stay tuned! Please share this news with your Avabel friends and get them back to the game, Now!!!