Important Notice: due to many reader requests, we have decided to put larger HD quality images of each monster from now on.

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Monster NameHD Image
Marchpat avabel map floor 35 monster - Marchpat image
Denziepo avabel map floor 35 monster - Denziepo image
Brikgainavabel map floor 35 monster - Brikgain image
Marchpat RE
Denziepo RE
Brikgain RE
Brunka Coreavabel map floor 35 monster - Brunka Core image
Dranrilanavabel map floor 35 boss monster - Dranrilan image
Bamgoldumavabel map floor 35 subspecies boss monster - Bamgoldum image
Mob NameLevelHPEXPJEXPElementTypeDrop Items
Marchpat115245787182Wooden Boots
Denziepo115245787182Colorful Balloon
Brikgain115245787182Heavy Steel Plate
Marchpat RE17819670220560
Denziepo RE17919993619900
Brikgain RE18019844020020
Brunka Core---Black Magic Book