Map Overview:

avabel online 29F map Gilira Hall image

Monster NameHD Image
Sword of Curseavabel map floor 29 monster - Sword of Curse  image
Bone Lanceravabel map floor 29 monster - Bone Lancer  image
Dhampiravabel map floor 29 monster - Dhampir  image
Sword of Curse RE
Bone Lancer RE
Dhampir RE
Lancer Coreavabel map floor 29 monster - Lancer Core image
Treasure Poxavabel map floor 29 monster - Treasure Pox image
Treasure Boxavabel map floor 29 monster - Treasure Box image
Nebiros Merryavabel map floor 29 monster - Nebiros Merry image
Nebiros Milliaavabel map floor 29 monster - Subspecies boss Nebiros Millia image
Mob NameLevelHPEXPJEXPElementTypeDrop Items
Sword of Curse7569302250DarkDemonHeart Beating Blade
Bone Lancer7569302250DarkDemonDry Bleached Bone
Dhampir7569302250DarkDemonRagged Maid Clothes
Sword of Curse RE15913600413680DarkDemon
Bone Lancer RE1581323513580DarkDemon
Dhampir RE16314088813960DarkDemon
Lancer Core---640009000DarkDemonBlack Magic Book
Treasure Pox---5120598Human
Treasure Box------
Nebiros Merry---98012222DarkDemonFairy Glass L
Girl Doll
Nebiros Millia---DarkDemonFairy Glass L
Cursed Moon