Avabel Online is a mobile MMORPG game developed by a famous Japanese online video/smartphone game company Asobimo, Inc in 2012 and soon this game was becoming more and more popular among the gamers all around the world.

After five years of development, the official released a data report said that more than 25 million times downloads via its platform, calculated both Apple iOS and Android Google Play.

Typically, an RPG game either popular by its fantastic story or solely rely on gameplay design. Apparently, Avabel belongs to the latter.

The background of the story?

Even till now, no one knows why this game called Avabel and the company seemed never answered this question. The funny thing is, this game yet has not a story behind it! Well to be precise, in the old version of it, after you create a new character and press enter, it will trigger the opening animation cutscenes, it shows like this:

avabel online game
old version game shows an opening scene with a tower

Then it tells a story behind it. A tower suddenly fell over the continent of which people live a peaceful life for hundreds of years; they had no idea what was this and why it is here (oh serious guys? This is a tower!).

Nothing happened till couples years later, countless of monsters flowed out the of it burning and looting around. People have to unite together and fought back, through many years bloody battle with those evil monsters, people finally reached the gate of the tower.

Soon they build a strong base and even several medium cities around it with mature ecology. Veteran soldiers began to train young warriors to explore the main tower to uncover the truth behind all of this.

As you can guess, this is all we know about this story, at least till now.


What another thing need to mention is the company planned to make the anime of Avabel, and even released the trailer of it, then after one year they decided to stop the project, no one knows what happened though.

So what and why this game attracted million international mobile players? After collecting a ton of feedbacks, we can answer this question and list gameplay features as below:

Why should you play Avabel?

  • Best SAO (Sword Art Online) like mobile game as of now. (See Kirito everywhere? Yeah you got it!)
  • Perfect in-game character design, unlimited choices of class, skill, branch, Avatar (fashion dress suit all other players can see when you wear)
  • A fascinating 3D game system which can let you communicate with others in real time, party/raid wild BOSS with your friends, guide; PVP against gangs of opponents, a hundred or even thousand players in one screen, etc.
  • It’s already beyond a game; it’s another real world, your second life.

There is no doubt this MMORPG mobile electronic video game is among one of the best out there, if you love this genre, you would never want to miss it.

avabel online HD cover image with all classes

How to download RPG game Avabel Online?

It’s straightforward to play it on your smartphone or other devices; you should use a phone either utilize Google Android OS system or Apple iOS, you can play it on your tablet too.

Go to Google Play store download the Avabel Android version into your phone; Go to App Store to download the iOS version, after successfully finish the installation process, you can press the icon on your phone and start playing this ultimate 3D graphics game.

System Requirements(current version: 5.13.0) :

  • For Android devices, at least use 2.3 and up, 4.0 up versions recommended.
  • For iOS devices, require iOS 8.0 or later, iOS 10 or up recommended, also support iPad and iPod touch.
  • Data usage of this App may vary, for Android players at least prepare 45MB storage space to install the APK file, and up to 8G total size.
    Because it will remote download the required game materials when needed, for example, when you enter a new map, you have no map file on your smartphone, so it auto retrieve the file from the server, that is why most of such games are far from larger than original install.
  • For iOS players, you should empty your phone minimum 144MB to successfully install the IPA file, be aware you have to preserve at least 5G to 8G space in case any game related issue may occur.

How to use this site?

This website is simple to use, even for a web rookie. In the menu bar, you can quickly find many important pages like floor, class, avatar, etc.

The strategy category will contain game related in-depth articles, while event&news category should include those topics.

The sidebar area has many quick links, which is useful for quick search. If you fail to find what you need, you can still reach us by contacting us!

Important Update:

According to the news from TGS 2017, Avabel will be soon available on another 3 big platforms: PC Steam client, Sony PS4 console, Nintendo Switch. The exact release date is around March 2018.

This is a big signal indicate that this awesome game will be known by more players around the world.

A source even revealed Avabel VR edition is already added to the company plan…


about us:

We are a big group of fans of this game, and after we see there is no such a knowledge base site around this particular RPG on the internet, so we decide to make one.

The homepage will be a simple guideline; you can get a basic familiarity about the game, like how to download it, how to use this wiki site to find your answer, etc.

We know you as a hardcore player must be love this RPG Avabel Online very much and that is why you arrive here to search information, we kindly ask you to help us build a better place, you can submit your data, post, feedbacks at any time!

Let’s go warriors!